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I'd just like to review to say

that your melody is a serious twitch case and it makes me feel very uncomfortable :(

Envy responds:

8) maybe that was the idea :D




Give me a second, I wanna give this song a quick little remix. See if I can come up with something pretty :)

boney-man responds:

Oh, you came up with something pretty alright :D

Fuck man

I can't get enough of that sidechain sound... sounds so rad, especially with that gritty benassi-esque bassline.

And boo for no full version >:(


Rig responds:

Once I finish some other songs, this'll be next on the list. :)

Thanks for the review!

The high hats hurt.

Less high frequencies in the hats plz. Moar high mid instead... :(

Good work though. Quite a nifty track. The arrangment felt like it started getting random around the 2:40 mark. Oddly placed synth stabs and just weird drum programming and the like.

Make everything more recognizable and cleaner. Keep it up though;


Nav responds:

Ok, thanks for the review!


OK, so everything sounds nice and pretty. Stop using such lame sounding synths, though! I know you can get nice sounds out of a 3Xosc, so stop using just a plain square or a saw wave form plz.

Really. You're getting ridiculously good, though. Just if the synth sounds lame, change it!


boney-man responds:

I'm not exactly creative when it comes to synths. But I should have decorated that one more, true. Thanks for the review :D


Sure is nice to know that you can write your own melodies.



8th note and 16th notes against triplet patterns on the piano? Really, the song just sounds weird and it's not full in any way at all... just a piano and a snare drum.

Sounds like there's not a lot of effort put into the song as a whole; since it's so short, you should have been able to stick a lot more things in there.


Xavon responds:

You should see what I've told the others already, there was no effort put into this at all. I spent 30 minutes in piano roll just messing around with FL Keys, I have no reason why so many people seem to enjoy it. I uploaded a newer piano sample and just some reverbed snare which only took an extra 10 minutes at most.

I'm surprised you're the first to notice in a review the clash between the notes and that triplet, I always knew it was there and I didn't bother fixing it on the re-upload since people didn't seem to care.

Thanks for the review.

Ick. Low quality.

It's only 2.7 MB, bro... you can go all the way to 8 :( You're not really doing anyone any favors by making it low quality.

That pad had the right idea in the beginning; set the mood beautifully. But I just hate that you didn't even try to decorate it; it sounds plain and very, very cheesy.
Your drum work is getting really awesome... even if the samples sound like Pendulum's drum kit, haha. Speaking of Pendulum... your drums sounded good and everything, but your fills were nothing more than fills; nothing creative about them :( You had the two step drums, and there was the occasional bass drum fill or the 16th note bass drum fill... I think I counted 3 or 4 different fills in the song? Dude, it's drum 'n bass; the drums gotta break it down every 8 or 16 bars. Keep it creative.

I like your reece more than your other songs, but for this particular track, I think you could have made the reece a lot more meaner and dropped out that horrid platinum lead every once and a while so the people can enjoy the drums and the bass just jammin' it out, you know? This could also give the song more of an edge because then you could also change up the reece pattern, and it could make it even sound more diverse than it really is.

So, just work on compromising when you compose; know when and when not to break in certain things, and know when things get too boring so you can change it up. Always think of new ways to improve your pieces, my friend.

Great work! You're really improving. Keep it easy;


boney-man responds:


Cool, cool. The samples ARE Pendulum's kit :D Wanted to try it out. Shouldn't have done that, but it goes with the song. Yeah, I used to make my drums really diverse, but then I kinda stopped and used the same 2-step patterns over and over with an ocasional fill. I should go back to my old ways.

Yes, yes, I should let the drums and the bass take more of the spotlight. I know I overused the platinum lead. I like mah reece tho :|

And I'll keep improving. Thanks for passin by mah audio man. :D


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