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Fifen :) I like your BP filter effects for the intro, and dude that is a super heavy bass! Your choice of drum fills are excellent and minimal, very fitting for the track so far. Damned those pads make for some atmosphere. Your hats don't have a lot of high end bite to them, makes it so it blends with the track nicely. I'm still waiting for that awesome 16th note kick+bassline drop, but the offbeat bass actually works a lot better than I thought it would have. Ahh nice pitch bending at the end, or were those just gnarly effects?

Regardless, I thoroughly enjoyed this :) don't hear enough goa/psy trance these days.

Sequenced responds:

at the outro all I did was used automation on some knob on fl studio's harmless (i think) and then I just automated the OSC knob in TS404. so yeah basically pitch bend :p

thanks for the review brahhh


Man did i ever love that intro. Sounds like some quite drunk stumbling on the keys :) the whole track actually has a super dope vibe going on. Your instrumental solos are freaking ridiculous, and very new school jazzy :) that background stutter arpeggio definitely carried the whole beat but man did it ever add some spicey flavor to those keyboard solos. Even moreso when you brought backcthe original groove with that syncopated rhythm on the piano. Original, funny, and enjoyable:)

Sorry if my typings a bit fucked, im typing this review on my phone lol. Hopefully you canvget your computer up and running soon :)

Quarl responds:

dawww, love <3

WIP = tear this song apart cause you don't think you're done with it!

Fine, I will. The beginning of the song is just long enough before the drums come in, but when everything starts to filter in, you can hear a compression problems going on with the superstrings. Probably the saw strings could get turned down or there are other mastering sacrifices you could make.

I'm likin these grooves you're building. Cool bass drop at 2:17 :) After then your whole bass is pretty damn funky. Would have been awesome to hear that stuff earlier on in the song. But other than that, solid tune man. Enjoyable listen :)

If you wanna return the favor and check out my songs, I'm at pervok.bandcamp.com and reverbnation.com/pervok :) Keep doin what you're doin!

What the fuck?

This is straight out of a 90s CD. Like for real. Sugar ray anybody?

That's not meant to be an insult at all. This is the most professional thing I've heard all day, everything is touched up perfectly, and the lyrics are just the right level. Did you sing this or do you have a singer? Well regardless, you did an excellent job on this. I'd be happy if you could take a couple minutes to check out my tunes? I'm at pervok.bandcamp.com and reverbnation.com/pervok. Keep this up, you're bound to build a fanbase with music like this.


CosmicCowboy responds:

Thanks, man. Yeah I'm doing everything myself. You bet, dude. I'll check your stuff out.

I'm not a genre nazi, but since you brought up the topic, this is closer to dub than to dnb. If it were dnb, it'd be running at a minimum of 160-165 bpm.

This is a pretty cool song idea. Obviously you autotuned the lyrics, but they sound like they could use some more effects. chopping, reverse, flangers (you can play with the feedback/delay/rate and turn them on and off for effects only in certain parts) reverb, all these could make those lyrics just a bit more exciting. Plus I just think they're dry as hell. But the drum beat is cool, I like that old school snare drum sample. You have some really nice ambience going on the background with that bell-pad that you're using. Really the only other thing I heard that I would change is that the bassline overpowers your kick sometimes; sidechaining, re-eqing or just using a different kick sample could help to solving this. But yeah man, I could jam to this. Slick.

If you wanna check out some of my tunes, I'm at pervok.bandcamp.com and reverbnation.com/pervok :) You've got some quality tunes here

SilverSpyro responds:

Yeah, I'm not the best at mixing or adding the vocal effects stuff but I did realize it's kinda missing that to really round it off. It actually is at 160 bpm though, which I let be my deciding factor haha.

I like that soft string intro. I'm also a big fan of those filtered noise hi hats you have going on; those sound pretty tight. I'm gonna have to experiment with something like that :) Honestly I was expecting something a lot bigger and growly or at least really meaty out of this; I dunno why though. I'm always a fan of orchestral drum 'n bass, and this was pulled super clean. Like, really clean. This was a smooth ride all the way to the finish line. With a couple break downs and dramatic entrances of new instruments, this song really would be awesome to listen to in a 4 or 5 minute version. This was nice, even and well balanced production.

If you wanna check out some of my tunes, I'm at pervok.bandcamp and reverbnation.com/pervok. It'd be gnarly if ya did :) Thanks, and keep doin what you're doin!

I disagree with emmafrost, the first synth that is introduced sounds good on the octave that it's on. But that bell sound that comes in a bit later could stand to be turned down a bit; that's the one that hurt my ears. Seems like you're missing your low end... I can only feel bass from the kick. This is like, a lot of high ended instruments playing similar additions of the sample melody in the same octave. This song could do with some thicker, more full sounds I thinkn. Other than the kick, the whole thing sounds a bit tinny. I like the ideas that were brought across though. Some deeper synths and this could be a pretty catchy tune :) Sweet shit.

If you wanna return the favor, I'm at pervok.bandcamp.com and reverbnation.com/pervok. Thanks buddaye :)

This is a pretty simple high energy sounding little techno jam. The drums definitely need more power, I can only hear them at the beginning of the song but when everything else gets layered on, they kinda disappear into the high end of the mix. It'd be a sweet idea to layer on some more solid sounding drums later on, just so we're not jammin out to just the instruments in the future :)

Fuck though, those are some pretty damn slick shredding arpeggios you threw in there. Respect :) I love synth solos. Good work! Like musically this is actually a really sweet song with some great ideas, it just has to be produced correctly now :D

If you wanna return the favor and check out my music, I'm at pervok.bandcamp.com and reverbnation.com/pervok. Thanks, and keep doin what you're doin!

Smitsy responds:

Thanks! I understand where youre coming from, mixing (especially drums) has always been hard for me but Im still learning. Maybe one day Ill come back to this one. And sure, Ill check out your stuff :)

Oh yeah, that is one happy sounding melody. Most of the melody sounds like something you'd hear out of a jump up tune, but that last chord you hit in your chord progression really does make it sound like something that really does belong in an anime. I like the melody, even though I'm not a fan of the fact that it's so cheerful :P It's pretty damn catchy.

Nice synth violin solo? At least that's what it sounds like. At some points the instruments you chose are a bit too loud, I think trying to get the sound levels perfectly even with everything in a song like would be ideal, in my opinion. Enjoyable piece of work.

If you wanna return the favor, you can check out my music at my reverbnation or my bandcamp account :) pervok.bandcamp.com or reverbnation.com/pervok

larrylarrybb responds:

Thanks, and I checked out your stuff. It's pretty good, I like your unique style.

Alrighty, so ya kick it off with some weird ass low-gurgling like sounds. The drum intro with just those ambient effects really reminds me of Noisia. It's never a bad idea to layer samples that have similar tones or complimenting tones, and changing the pitch of them so that the samples you're layering don't collide, and help the sound instead of work against it. I don't really layer bass drums (unless it's a bassy kick sample and a kick sample with the bass zapped out of it to give the bassy kick some texture) but for instance, that clap you're using sounds great. But it sounds like it could use a little poppy snare underneath it just to give it some more presence.

Wow, 4 minutes in, and it's like this is an acid freaks ideal music. Keep on playing with your bass sounds so you can get a sound that stands out a bit more :) Also making a cool sounding bassline with a shitload of effects, zapping the bass out of it, and then layer just a sine wave (just one oscillator) underneath it so that it gives the bass with no bass a nice thick sound.

Interesting piece of music sir. It wouldn't have hurt to hear some drum breaks or pauses for dramatic effect in the song; I heard a few parts where it could have really helped the arrangement. Keep doin' what you're doin man!

FightingSeraph responds:

Now that is a legitimate review, and this started out as an exercise from watching Boy in a Band's Darkstep tutorial videos. As for making music, I'll keep at it even if most of my songs end up sucking shit to the point of being unsuitable for the Audio Portal.


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