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writing a review is supposed to give advice, praise, or show dissatisfaction. Giving your opinion on what genre it is is completely irrelevant, idiot.

Great song though, mister man. It is repetitive at parts (but it's trance man... I could see myself falling into this song quite easily) and it is quite lengthy, but the expansions you keep making on the chords without making it complicated (keeping the same rhythym) really makes you wanna listen to the end of the track just to see what else you have to offer.

Good job fellow.

Mmmm... mushrooms.

Very phat beats with a chill surrounding, very reminiscent of quite a few mushroom trips I've had personally :) Very enjoyable.

GhostlyDoobies responds:

lol yea? Glad you liked this song,.Thats pretty cool, you've been to the other side of the world before. :-)

I'll half to check out our your music too.


Ass shaker!

See, you, en, tee... you are correct!

Hey, a full song!

It was the first song on your list that was a full song, and whaddaya know, it's an 8 minute monster. I'm down with long songs, and I know how good it feels to write a song that long :)

The introduction came on a little slow, and I think maybe an introduction of a filler percussion instead of just the kick drum would have worked a little better. You know, don't be afraid to use cool sounding hi-hats and misc. percussion. Sometimes when you do that you can write melodic parts in the song that follow the rhythm of the other percussion. It's a cool idea to play around, check it out.

The song's been playing for a while now and I think that arpeggio could have used a little bit more expansion. Just even adding some higher notes in the arpeggio at the end of an 4 or 8 bar cycle really does help the song sound a little more climactic.

Regardless, I'm quite stoned and this song is absolutely great to have in the background so no complaints there, I WOULD listen to this song in my own time.

So there's a few ideas for ya! Keep it easy;


WritersBlock responds:

Thanks Zenon! Definitely some great tips and ideas, so, thanks a lot. ;)

Minimal, you say?

I'll have two helpings instead of one, sir! I'm a large fan of minimal shit, you can always count on having great, clear defining elements in the track.

...which you did have, and I did enjoy (very nice little loop going on that 808... whatever it is) My only issue with this track is that you should watch how much you're adding to the track. In my opinion, per se, when the arpeggio comes in the first time I thought it was a little bit much to be adding over top the great drum track and that bass synth. Maybe just changing up the bassline to make it funkier instead? Really try to make the percussive elements in the song shine through. Give 'er a try if you like, and get back to me on how it sounds :) Or even better, just tell me when the song's done :P

Keep it easy captain kirk;


exzez responds:

Thanks for the helpfull/constructive comment.
Have to see what can be done. :>


Ah, Reason 4.

I use 3.0 myself, kind of old school haha.

Did you make all of the synths? I like them; very loose sounding but I think there may be a little bit too heavy of a delay on them. Very cool ideas used in this track, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Might wanna watch your levels though, there's some weird compression problems with the track. Other than that though, awesome shit.

Keep it easy brosive;


Zuelo responds:

Thanks Zenon :3
Yep i make all the synths with the combinator i really Love the NN-XT and Thor .
I try a few tips in the next tracks .



The effects you had going behind the drums (sounded like some sort of... distorted drum?) sounded great, but you really should have maybe zapped the bass from them because it makes the bass synth sound muddy. In fact, at around 1:20, I can barely hear the lead... OR the bass! It's all good and sounds good, but I wanna be able to hear all the parts :)

Have a good one mang;


rafesta responds:

Hey thanks bro thats a good tip to use! haha sorry for the delayed reply 've been busy at college but yeah definetly thanks for the idea! =D


...needs to learn what industrial is :/ This is mostly definitely trance, and I love the unique elements that you added to this track. Some of the sounds seemed cheesy, sure; but the new looks that you took on traditional goa methods were interesting! A great listen, really enjoyed the part at 2:30.

Keep it easy;


Darren-M responds:

thanks man. i get that alot about my synths lol, kinda wacky, but i guess its because i want to try everything i can with them even by taking it to the extremes a little but i try to be innovative, im trying to make original sounds and compositions mostly, thanks for the review!


For some reason I just can't stop listening.

jarrydn responds:

Cheers brooooooooooo :D

I've been getting so deep into house and breaks it's not even funny.

It just makes me want to daaaaaaaaaance :D

Oh man

It's been too long since I've written a 'good' review. As usual, automatic 10. Gives the illusion that no matter what I say, it's always gonna be good cause there's a 10 right there ;)

Arrangement wise, this song was very solid but there were some really funky parts. I wouldn't call them holes in the arrangement; in fact, I'd call them unnecessary additions. The beginning is great; 16 bar introduction with 8 bar intervals between introducing new instruments. But at the part at 2:09, where you slow the song into half time, and I sat here and counted it out several times... I thought it sounded kind of weird but it turns out that you don't have a 4 bar segment there, you have a 4 bar and 2 beats segment! Honestly, musically that's entirely fine. But when I'm listening to a drum 'n bass/ breakbeat song that I'm expecting to deliver a solid groove and then bam, there's two extra beats, it makes me feel kinda funny on the inside.

I like your choice of instruments! Very good riffs and even the drum work is above decent. I see that you've got the whole panning the hi hats down good, but remember to never have too busy of a kick drum. Another song I reviewed a long time ago was a drum 'n bass track with really really busy kick drums. Double pedal worthy, almost. He replied in my review saying that he meant to have a busy kick drum since, being a drummer, he was able to play it. That busy kick drum almost creates another genre though. I honestly think this is much more breakbeat-ish than drum 'n bass, but the drums create the illusion that it's a fancy mixture. Plus, a busy kick drum has the potential to drown out the bass synth.

Go get yourself some better samples and you'll sound amazing. Good work.


paradoxphenomena responds:

Awesome review, you saw more into the piece than most people do. I'm pleasantly surprised and thank you for taking the time to do this review.

I know this piece isn't DnB as I've said in the comments, that this would belong in the breakbeat genre. However seeing as NG lacks that genre, I thought this might be the next best place but perhaps DnB doesn't cut it.

As for the funky parts to be honest I only realized it at the end and by that point I was too exhausted to keep working on the piece. Don't get me wrong its not that I'm submitting something that I think is incomplete but I found that it kept the piece a little more 'fun'.

You might have also realized that the last minute or so of the piece was also a little rushed and the samples could have indeed been much better but I just wanted to get this piece out quickly. So I guess what I'm trying to say is that I could have done with more polishing.

However, since this was received so well I think I will definitely look into completely overhauling this piece and redoing it from the the start with better samples, given that I find the time. I'm already working on something else and uni doesn't leave much time for myself. Thanks again for the review, I really do appreciate it.


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