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How did I win with this piece in the competition? Damn man, excellent production and composition. The only things I have issues with is volume and man, for a first attempt that's really God damned impressive. Screw you :'(

Oh, and the things I was having an issue with was the clap (a little loud, just a few less notches than normal and you'd be good) and I like the kind of kick sample you're using to have a lot of BANG. So, my suggestion would just be a considerable amount more treble/high mid and a little more bass (making the kick shorter would also reduce a few compression problems that you'd get from doing this) and it'd give the song a really intense hardcore almost side-chain-ey feel. Would really make the kick stand out, and I could REALLY get into the song then :)

Fucking excellent man. Keep it easy dude;


Excellent composistion

but hardly excellent production value D: Dude, really. The song is distorting left and right whenever you have all the instruments you want playing at the same time. Might wanna do a little compression, and you never really have to have the volume on a synth or sample to be maxed out; there's always a way around that.

Great song though, just make it sound cleaner, and it'll be excellent and I'll probably love anything you produce. Keep it easy dude;


Fucking deadly.

Very spooky, and you make the music revolve around the lyrics beautifully.

Worth a download (that's a real rare thing for me). Keep it easy, dude!


Real real good D:

One suggestion if you're gonna do more remixes like this in the future; it's a lot cooler for the listener if you make the music interact with the lyrics. The Beastie Boys are a great band to do this with, since the lyrics are so simple and rhythmic. It's really good, really great quality, but it just sounds like music with lyrics on the top of it at the right tempo. You need to work with the lyrics more :D

Great work, you talented bastard :(



So I went and found my 5/4 thinking cap, and started listening to this song. Man, you have no idea how confused I was when this started, haha :P I was like, 'Alright man just bob your head normally and it'll all be alright'... and then there was one extra beat and I was like 'right, 5/4. Right.'

You've got some very nice drum work here, man. I personally don't like the pinner snare drum sounds (but then again, all the drum 'n bass producers around here hate the snare drums I make) so I guess it fits real well. No real complaints about this song, other than the fact that the pads are real cool.

Oh, and the arrangement is very much lacking, dood. Sounds extremely minimal man, and I think you could have had some more fun with the time signature than just simple 5/4 :D Excellent song, after I got in the groove, the song just automatically went up a few points to me.

Good luck, friend :)



Just cause something doesn't have any chords or melodies, doesn't mean it has to sound weird and wrong. I've heard heard several *real* house songs, and and the melodies didn't sound weird and offish; there's never been anything wrong with writing that sounds right.

The overall arrangement was alright though; there were several parts where you just cut out the drums for no reason, just leaving everything else hanging.


endlessnumber responds:

Thanks for the review; the entire point was to avoid any sensical harmony.

I will work on my drumwork moving forward!


I haven't heard of you, and I'm sure you haven't heard of me, so hello. I thought I'd stop in.

Really, the only reason why I'm here is to tell you that I'm rather impressed with the quality of this track. Great introduction, great breakdown, great quality, and a pretty nice grinder sounding reese. Kudos for all that stuff.

But the composition in this track is very much lacking. There is next to no variation on the reese, the drums are the standard "bum-pish... bum-bum pish" and so far I only heard one drum fill.

Well, the production was swell. Have a good one.


Koriigahn responds:

Yeah, of course i've heard of you!

Thanks for the review, and for being fair! :D

The new version has more drum variation in it, like there are about 14 drum fills, all of which sound completely different in varies from Bum pish bum bum pish to bum pish bum ----- pish to bum pishinfeimvimcicmicmcimcim CRASH CRASH CRAHS osdlosldoldos.

Well maybe not that last one...

Thanks man!

Mine's also in 7/8 :)

Nifty sounds, I'd be a liar if I said I didn't like em. I'd like to talk about the drum work though; seems like you have just a standard loop going in the background? What happened to the big nicely EQed drums? I would have liked to see some drum variation too instead of that loop.

I'm not talking about the drums solo, obviously. The drums just seemed a little repetitive is all, and it's always a lot of fun to change the pulse. Also, another thing I'd like to mention is the lack of... substance.

You've got a great arp in the background that I like the sound of and a pretty cool sounding sine wave bassline in the background. But there really is nothing else in the song; no segments, no different parts really. All kind of a repetition of itself.

Good work, I liked it. Fuck, I can't even put it into words what this song is missing. I'm so braindead, sorry :(

Keep it easy;


Rawmin responds:

Its true, I started working on this song, and realized, "What am I doing? I'm not even that good at drum and bass, let alone in a strange time signature!" But, I didn't want to drop out, since that would be lame, so I decided I would at least give it my best shot!

Very nice, Nav.

I really like the production value on this track, man. Very clean pad/piano/whateverthehellitis thing in the beginning, made the entire track feel very jazzy. I'm a big fan of the jazzy drum 'n bass shit (I only like the hard stuff every once and a while) so this track was my cup of tea.

I was going to complain about how easy it is to follow the pulse though. I understand that 7/4 is already a pretty simple time signature, but you really could have done some really nifty stuff. 3/4 inside of 7/4 until the pattern resets? You could had the potential to really fuck with some minds here friend :) But now that I look on it, I really like the touch you put on the whole thing. Kudos and very good work.

Keep it easy man;


Nav responds:

Thanks! Hm... I didn't intend for it to sound like 4/4-3/4. I tried to make it a coherent 7/4 rhythm pattern. I guess it didn't come across as that... =\

I'm not too sure how I could've fucked with heads, but I will see what else I can come up with in this odd time signature.

Thanks for the review.

Know what?


I just went there, homie >:(


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