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ee err err ahh ahh ee ee ah ah

Haha I loved that crazy synth work at 1:12. The drum fill also made my day :)

...and the drums punched my face

Quarl responds:

lol, I haven't checked in on you in a while. sorry sir. I'll do so promptly.

also, sorry about your face :C


Long intro, I like how you crescendo and decrescendo the different parts out. When it breaks in though, I like that beat or two that you wait before you bust the drums in. Other than the format bass, all the other effects and synths were awesome. Don't get me wrong, I love it when a bassline has a solid 'yie' sound in it, it's just that sound gets used quite a bit by everyone (me included). A fuckin solid piece with proper auxilary percussion and everything. Excellent work mr.

KroweMusic responds:

Haha yeah the dramatic pauses really make this song. Glad you liked it :)

Just strange.

Reasons for a nine is that everything sounds great, as to be expected from ya. But 5/7? I would ask you what the pulse was but damn I've been trying to figure it out myself and it just doesn't make any sense. And besides I thought you couldn't put a "7" after the number, being as you can't have "seventh notes".

I am truly confused. Couldn't have written it in like 5/8 or 7/8? Even 7/4 would be a more constructed idea for drumstep. This is seriously reminding me of IDM though. I liked al your ideas but it just feels awkward. Definitely worth another try?

Have yo'self a fine day sir

I'm just reviewing

Because everyone likes having more reviews on their songs. No advice.

mr-jazzman responds:

Damn, thanks for the extra-cushiony review Zenon! =D You're my hero, I hope you know! ;)

House house

Less reverb on the bass synth, and maybe some other auxiliary percussion for added groove? Don't be afraid to toss in some cool sounding high ended synths either, it doesn't have to be all drums and bassline :)

Try incorporating drops in the music and shit for added emphasis. Like you drop the bassline and you just have the drums for a bit, but maybe putting something like that but with no drums and maybe some cool pads or something before the main section would be pretty dope and would bring more energy to the track.

Cool beans though, meister.

Everlasting-Elements responds:

Thanks, man. I appreciate the constructive review.

Love orchestral intros

And your first percussion choices were great. Wel, the whole build was pretty great, other than the introduction of the DJ name in the song :p

I would have really preferred if you would have focused on making really badass sounding bass synths instead of relying on your orchestra to continue making things sound badass. You know, more reliance on the actual "drum 'n bass" aspect. I'm not saying you don't do that; I just would have arranged it a little backwards personally, putting the cool synth stuff first and then adding the orchestra after. It'd really give you a chance to play more with sexy rhythms and such :)

Breed responds:

I completely agree, but given the purpose of the song(being a dnb set opener song that contains those vocals), the most important parts of it are the introduction, with focus on the vocals, and the drop, because after that it's going to be 2 hours of sexy rhythms and basslines. Also I'm not sure if you noticed my other responses but I only had a few hours to write everything that happened after the intro(1:25-ish) in order to get it to my brother DJ Breed before he left for burning man. Anyways thank you Mr. Zenon for the nice and lengthy review with the only attempt at real criticism of all the reviews hence far.

I don't know if you remember but back in early 09 I had sent you a collab request for the release of my new company Logical Defiance (went by TheBreeD back then), and then I completely got pwned by an electrical surge and was offline for half a year, buuuuut that offer still stands since I'm remembering it now. You were/am my goa trance inspiration =) Let me know via PM if interested.

Anywaysssss, as always,


Very nice

Love the percussion used here (except there's this one sample at the beginning that I can very clearly tell when it ends, kinda bugs me a little). Everything else follows the trance stereotype cleanly, I really like how balanced the entire track is. Very nice effects at the intro of the breakdown though, and I'm liking the long-decay buzzy synth you've got going on there. You've been dragging on the build-up since 2:20, and when it breaks back in you've definitely got the right idea to drop it all and start from a minimal clean-slate. But I really would have liked some serious crescendo at the end of that, instead of the near same power that you've had going for most of the build.

You really make people wait for the very end of the track though haha, I was just writing that I would have liked to have heard that melody at full flourish but I had to wait til the very end to hear that. The only thing I would suggest would be to expand on that last movement of the melody, to really give people something to wait for :) Sweet shit, I enjoyed it.

D-Chain responds:

gonna take it with the next :)
yea... i think i will be that person thatmakes people wait for that special moment, drag the people til the very end when everything just need to come out :)
and your right about the minimal state of this track..
i just love to start all over again with a simple kickdrum, a sound and maybe a clap or something else.

im glad you liked it dude!
appreciate it ^^

Good build and drop

The kick was the only thing that messed up the drop for me. You should have considered using a not-so-bassy sample for the kick roll and maybe even some other percussion for interest's sake, but you really gotta make sure that the melody has the oomph that you need. No one wants a build-up that's louder than the main section. Good little clip though :)

DanceNation responds:

Thats what i was thinking.


Took me until 0:54 to finally get the 7/4 groove. I'm lovin' the chaotic roboticness of everything that's going down. The down pitched drums were a nice touch :D Well, this was for the Robot Day competition and it fits the part excellently. Good work, mister.

Spikrodd responds:

Wait, wait. Random review ahoy?

Thanks for the kind words, ZENON. Good to hear from you again. Alas, the world may never hear a track this detailed from me again. This was just too much of a pain for me.


Now you just gotta work on your auxiliary percussion and you'll have some fuckin' bangin' tracks.


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