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Ended different than I thought it would.

Excellent, but I thought it was gonna end with him going "shit, my smokes were in my pocket, they're all wet now :'("

Haha, oh well. Awesome work man.

Hmm, well I think...


Joking. This was the best animation. Ever. Fuck.


Very nice.

Thanks for using my music in this flash. If you ever need a few pieces of music for the real thing, just PM me or something and I'll be glad to make something for you.

Great work.


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Even though I suck at it, it's actually really fun. Good work. Also, the music is kind of shitty... if you ever need help with that in the future, get a hold of me ;)



Gotta be the most intense game of pong I've ever played. I didn't have a long time to play it, but that's a good thing; I got owned bad enough. 1-8. Damn computer.

Thanks for using my music though buddy. Keep it easy;


My God.

First off, if no one knows me, they should LURK MOAR >:(

Second, I love you. Secks?


LuckyLollipopLad responds:

1 - Not only that, they should learn to read the credits!

2 - Hmmm... I think the age difference is too much.

I love you too, in a platonic way.

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Man did i ever love that intro. Sounds like some quite drunk stumbling on the keys :) the whole track actually has a super dope vibe going on. Your instrumental solos are freaking ridiculous, and very new school jazzy :) that background stutter arpeggio definitely carried the whole beat but man did it ever add some spicey flavor to those keyboard solos. Even moreso when you brought backcthe original groove with that syncopated rhythm on the piano. Original, funny, and enjoyable:)

Sorry if my typings a bit fucked, im typing this review on my phone lol. Hopefully you canvget your computer up and running soon :)

Quarl responds:

dawww, love <3

WIP = tear this song apart cause you don't think you're done with it!

Fine, I will. The beginning of the song is just long enough before the drums come in, but when everything starts to filter in, you can hear a compression problems going on with the superstrings. Probably the saw strings could get turned down or there are other mastering sacrifices you could make.

I'm likin these grooves you're building. Cool bass drop at 2:17 :) After then your whole bass is pretty damn funky. Would have been awesome to hear that stuff earlier on in the song. But other than that, solid tune man. Enjoyable listen :)

If you wanna return the favor and check out my songs, I'm at pervok.bandcamp.com and reverbnation.com/pervok :) Keep doin what you're doin!

I'm not a genre nazi, but since you brought up the topic, this is closer to dub than to dnb. If it were dnb, it'd be running at a minimum of 160-165 bpm.

This is a pretty cool song idea. Obviously you autotuned the lyrics, but they sound like they could use some more effects. chopping, reverse, flangers (you can play with the feedback/delay/rate and turn them on and off for effects only in certain parts) reverb, all these could make those lyrics just a bit more exciting. Plus I just think they're dry as hell. But the drum beat is cool, I like that old school snare drum sample. You have some really nice ambience going on the background with that bell-pad that you're using. Really the only other thing I heard that I would change is that the bassline overpowers your kick sometimes; sidechaining, re-eqing or just using a different kick sample could help to solving this. But yeah man, I could jam to this. Slick.

If you wanna check out some of my tunes, I'm at pervok.bandcamp.com and reverbnation.com/pervok :) You've got some quality tunes here

SilverSpyro responds:

Yeah, I'm not the best at mixing or adding the vocal effects stuff but I did realize it's kinda missing that to really round it off. It actually is at 160 bpm though, which I let be my deciding factor haha.


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