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IRON MAN!!!!111


is fucking awesome.

This excels in the lent.

So, it was nice and nifty, but there was some some parts that I have small issues with. Just things to improve the quality.

I love the intro, no problem there. The no bass reece was so crunchy and... mm, my pants are wet.

But your reece after the "mother-fuckkkeeeeeerrkesjhkajsdhfads f" part was awesome and all, but it didn't change at all. It was top notch quality and all the sounds fit together but you didn't have any really awesome reece/drum breaks. Add some of those in the full version, like, where the reece breaks into 6/8 for a few breaks, and the drums mimic it. These breaks sound so ridiculously awesome.

What I'm trying to say, is stray off from playing just one note with your reece >:( Actually write a line for your reece that people can listen to and say "HAY I CAN HUM THAT LOL I'LL DO THAT DURING SCHOOL AND GET MADE FUN OF, BUT IT'LL BE WORTH IT!"

Keep it easy bro;


Oh man, awesome.

Hey LJ, been a while.

I have a history with the Amen break. First, you showed me and I loved it, then I grew sick of it, but recently I've grown a new-found-appreciation for the amen break... for some reason. I like your usage of it in this song, but you made the samples seem too choppy and short in between, you know? I would have liked to hear the amen break in it's full glory. Would have sounded great.

Also, I love two step. And even though the reece sound kind of silly (was a little high, imo) I loved your drum work and the big sub bass drop. My God, that's gotta my favorite part of the song, where it's just the drums, effects, and that big bass drop.

It's too bad you don't make dnb too much, because it certainly is a treat to listen to.

See ya around buddy; keep it easy,


LJCoffee responds:

Amen Amen - you're pretty much damned if you do and damned if you don't, lol...
Chopping up an Amen isn't changing it enough and if you change it then you should have left it - if you leave it then you're lazy and ... and... and.... :)

Thanks for listening though (and reviewing) - I always like to hear from you. I'm sure that I'll work on more DnB at some point but I'll just have to wait for the mood to strike.

Take it easy yourself!

Hello Anima.

First off, auto-10 cause it's been way too fucking long since I've talked to you. <3

I'm proud that you're keeping up making trance. After 4 years of writing music, I'm still undecided on what should be my genre. I really love making dark trip-hop and Goa, so I guess those are my calling. Anyways, to the song.

I like the intro but the cheesiness of that arpeggio you have going on is almost killing me. After you bring in the drums and the lead, you have a swirling pad in the background, which is nice. But in the introduction, you need something to get rid of the "lame", shall we say. Can I get an amen for "epic strings"? Yeah, the intro's beggin' for it.

Excellent melody. I enjoyed the little bass growl that you have at the end of each phase; personally, I'd like to see you make it sound more like a growl instead of just a "wwwooooww". I think you've already detuned it a fair amount, now just flange the fuck out of it (not too heavy though; make sure the feedback is at 0 and the rate is pretty low) and then distort & EQ. The flange will make the synth modulate a little bit, and the distortion will make it sound more crunchy.

The song is really just a repetition of itself with new drums every time it swings itself around; I'd consider changing that. Write some new stuff every time you play something over, like a break. Try your hardest NOT to add things when the melody plays itself over, but make the breaks (intro, break, outro) as creative as possible! So, you've got an intro (that's incredibly original, we hope) then your melody. Then a break that's COMPLETELY different from the rest of the song, and it's so full it almost sounds like another melody, but what ho!? We bring back the melody WITH NOTHING ADDED TO IT (repetition for emphasis, trust me, it works beautifully). Then after the melody, you can either choose to end the song there or make another break that's different from everything in the song, and then bring that same melody back. That last melody should sound the best, even though it's the same as the other 2. Know why? Because by now in the song, the listener has something to identify with. And because he/she has that thing to identify with, they love that melody with all their heart.

Arrange your song with extreme precision and care, and you'll win all the hearts and vagina your little mind could ever fathom getting.

Good work man, I wish you the best with your music.

Keep it easy;


Anima-Theory responds:

All I can say is....Woah :D

Sounded silly.

Just like spaghetti.

For seriously though, you had a host of some weird elements here. A reece that was too distorted for it's own good, drums that were so fast that they sounded like lols, and hoover like sounds? It's like a mini-reversed-hoover. Sounds cute :3


Keep it easy;


StereoTactik responds:

hmm i actually wasn't really going for a hoover sound, just a little stabby thing that I applied a pitch envelope to it sorta winded down, like when you're playing a record and you press stop but the record takes a split second to slow down and makes a cool sound :D so thats the story of the hoovery sample :O

I hear a reece.

Finally, you made a reece in your songs :D Sounds really good. Awesome job.

Keep it easy;


boney-man responds:

zomg you actually found one of mah songz o.O
anyway, it's great to get a good review from someone who's known as god on newgrounds :D

This is me...

...being generous. I never write really detailed reviews too much anymore; actually, I don't review too much anymore in general. I just want that review from you that bad, haha.

First off, automatic 10. I hate actually thinking about your score, so I'll let you determine what I would have given you from what I say.

The song starts out as a jungle song, which is exactly what I expected, judging from the name. There's two things that bug me about this track so far. First off, how bland it sounds. I understand that you need a steady sub bass and creative drums (which are loops... so you didn't make the samples, which is disappointing) but the bass is bland. There's no pitch bending, no distortion of any kind, or even any synth on top of it making it sound profound. You need to make the bass stand out more, so that people who have crappy sound systems can still enjoy the track without having to go and buy a sub woofer.

This is one of those tracks that would sound good with lyrics; it's almost begging for that jungle rasta vocal touch. It sounds too bland without anything else to it. I enjoy how you brought back a similar theme through the entire track, but it's missing necessities, like:

1: Breakdowns and buildups. They don't have to be dramatic, but they have to be there so the track doesn't sound like it's just a 4 bar loop with a hardcore drumline.
2: Introduction of different phases. Usually an introduction sounds a lot different than the main phase sounds; why not bring that into the main phase? Change the song around so that you're playing the introduction with the main phase so that people have something to relate to when they listen to the track... and
3: There is no introduction here, and no end. Kind of makes me sad, to be honest with you. This song actually has a ridiculous amount of potential; if it were actually a song instead of an incredibly long verse. With a well built introduction, a well placed breakdown/build-up, and two or three main verses that get more and more intense every time they're listened to, this song could be one of the songs I constantly to whenever I turn the computer on :)

Pretty good work; lives up to the jungle name. But we don't want that, do we? We want a song that exceeds the name and builds and entire new repertoire for you, and the genre itself.

Keep it easy bro;



I knew something was wrong when you said "hiphop oldskool". I was liek "wat teh fukz lol", then I listened to it.

Oh you trickster, you :)


StereoTactik responds:

What, "Toast With Jam." didn't tip you off?

Ignore the last person.

While it does make the track sound horrible when two low frequencies are played at the same time (it causes the bass to "warble", and it makes said bass indistinguishable to other said bass), it doesn't make the track distort.

What does make the track distort however, is failing to compress your song.

Let's say that your track is like a glass. It starts out empty, and you add instruments and different elements to the track (essentially filling the glass). But let's say you add too much, and it's all too loud. Well then you've filled the glass too much and it's spilling everywhere (also known as "distortion"). So, how do you fix this?

Turn what you want to be quiet down, and what you want to be "loud" at mid-volume. Turn things up and down accordingly, but try not to max out the volume/EQ of anything.

So, there. We've got a nicely EQed track, and there's no liquid outside of the glass. But, on a different system, this would still overflow if you turned it up! Do you know why?

There's no lid on the glass. And when there's no lid, sometimes the liquid will stay in, but shake it too much and it'll all flood out. Something we don't want. So, put the "lid" on the "glass" by individually compressing the things that need to be compressed (the loud things). You can do this by putting a compressor on every loud instrument, and fiddling with the highs and lows of that particular instrument (while putting a limiter on it, of course) using the Multiband compressor.

So, keep the lid on that glass, mmk? Keep this up man, and I'm sure in another week or two's time, I'll be asking YOU for advice :)

Keep it easy bro;


boney-man responds:

Wow, thanks for the nice, long review. I'll have to remember all this advice you're throwing at me :D

I will say I'm getting better at DnB, but I won't say I'm good at it. I'm ok.

Thanks for the review!


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