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What*** is love ;) Good work on the track, man. Just work on filling out all that empty space in the background and find yourself some better samples and you're set, bro!


Mad-Muppet responds:

thanks for the feedback, man! So where do i get nice samples? Can't seem to find any that doesn't cost a fortune.

It's pretty good.

Please make that bassline have less resonance on it or something though; it pinches through the mix with those high pitch clicks at the beginning of the sound, and it sounds like it's been EQed to bring out the 200-300 Hz in it. Maybe make it sound a little more solid, instead of just that 16th note kind of hum dealio in the background?

God damn, I'm having trouble explaining myself nowadays. Whatever, it's good, keep it up bro.


mateya responds:

thx for the tip i will try that and thx for review :D

This song's back up here?

Fuck yeah, man! Instant fav; I used to listen to this all the time in my spare time.

Favorite, download, review, and a 5 and a 10 :) Great memories with this song...


Very good.

Well, I thought it was gonna sound really cheesy with that bassline and such, but man, that little melody you wrote was actually pretty catchy. I liked the clap and the bass synth, but there wasn't enough substance to it. Since the kick and the bass synth made the whole song have some minor compression problems (just crank up the track and you'll hear them) I'd suggest re-EQing the bass; it's a little strong. Maybe layer on a more mid frequency bass synth for less of a thuddy sound?

Very good, like I said before, just work on your arrangement a little bit and some other minor things and you'll be wiping my face in your piss with your music in no time D:

Keep it easy bro!


Mich responds:

Well you know what, I have another start of a goa track lying around, and that bass is pretty perfect imo ^^
I'll try to use it in this one as well, and upload that file for this one. I reckon it won't get to 3000 listens soon anyway, with that score :p
Thanks for enjoying it so much, and again, thanks for all this tips you gave me.

I'll keep it easy for sure, bro! ^^


Make this song at least 5 minutes long and add more to the percussive elements of the song; I can hear the drums because I'm paying attention, but I shouldn't have to. I should be able to tell that there's some hi hat work and everything without even really paying attention to the track, dude. I can't even hear that stuff, and that square lead was super loud D:

Good work though, I like the breakdowns and whatnot. The number one thing that bugged me about this track though was the length! I'm sure that since you make psy/goa and your name is Psycedelic, I assume that you listen to quite a bit of goa. You had an introduction, one build up, and one breakdown. Usually goa/psy has like... 5 or 10! This song had quite a bit of potential to be a great trip track, but the length kinda ruined it dude. Don't be afraid to make these tracks 5-10 minutes long, man :)

Good work, I may come back to your page in about a few months, because I'd love to do some zoomers to this if it was more refined :) Keep it easy;


Psycedelic responds:

Way awesome! You're right about one thing, and that I like Goa/Psy a lot :)

I know that they last like 5-10 minz, and that's what I'm aiming to do. But I'm kinda new to the whole "making music" business, so I have until now, kept it simple.

Yes, some elemements wasn't quite fit for the genre (Like the sharp, unpleasant square lead D:). I'm planning to do a whole lot more to the song, like getting rid of "You know what" :L. I will aim for more Psy-like melody's, a little bit more phasing parhaps..

Anyways, thanks a lot for the review :D You thaught me a great deal ^^
And here's something you should learn: NEVER BE AFRAID OF GIVING LOWER SCORE THAN 10! Lol xD

Love and waffles,

Good work.

You're doing yourself a fine job, just try to freshen up a few of the synths you're using. Some of them sound terribly plain. Awesome work man :)

Keep it easy;


I haven't heard this in forever.

Man, we were loose back in the day man :) This shit is so old school and awesome haha :P


Considering that I'm like a kite right now, I believe that there is nothing better sounding than this grimy ass reese synth man. Rock on man, this is deadly.


-Zenondfjklasdhfaisoufyoaweifyact e`

StereoTactik responds:

haha zenon you loser
i like you

Fucking sick.

And that is all. Sounds amazing man, keep this shit up.

Dum dadada dum dadada

Goa num num.

Alright, you've got all the elements down to a tee right now. The only thing that's bugging the hell out of me is that it's the 1:24 mark and I can't hear your kick. That big kick that you're using seemingly as a "bang" could have been used as your real kick because the one your using has too much fuzz on the beginning of the sample, you know? Instead of it being the "dum" sound or "doo", whatever solid kick sound you're looking for, it's a "chum" sound. You can make some really nice kicks in FL, so just fiddle with those preset samples.

Actually, you know what? Just continue from where you are. It sounds great, and I'm duly impressed. Just try to work on your arrangement a little bit; when you bring in the well EQed kick (around 1:55 or so) just bring in the bassline with it. Works wonders :)

You're doing an excellent job, and and I'm jealous of your gnarly acid sound at the beginning. Keep it easy dude;



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