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i heart ambient.

So lets see if i end up sharing my heart with you...

no wait, thats way too gorey...

I would like this much more if you...FXed it up.
My suggestion would be, take away half the bass in the guitar, use noise reduction, add a massive reverb (so it sounds live) and then turn up the treble a tad....
Maybe add a chorus if your going for a soft, spacey sound.

Good work man, but a little short...
Id like to hear more of this kind of music.

PS Myabe drop me a review sometime...id really appreciate it.

Tancrisism responds:

If I did all that, it would go against the simplicity that this tune was going for. But thanks man.

yeah...pretty bad quality....

...get a better mic. You dont need a mic thats like, 500$ (even though that would be nice) but all you need is a decent priced 50$-100$ mic.
If your recording with your computer, get an awesome soundcard.
I can really help you if your using a mastering table for recording...I ve never done that.
And always make sure you use noise reduction on the recordings you do.

the musical talent is pretty good here though man.
Good job!

maybe you can check out some of my stuff later, man.

hey man!

thought id stop by and drop a review off...cause im a nice guy :P

awesome guitar work man! the reverb and everything make it seem so...Live!
Great work on that!

I wish i could play like you...good thing im a drummer, eh?

Your guitar work is FUCKING SICK!
Awesome work!

PS maybe you could check out some of my stuff too, thanks bud.

LunarHeart responds:

hahaa shit man, I wanna plays drums!
Glad you like my work Zenon,THANKS! and indeed, I shall check out your stuff tonight.. Im sure its kick ass as well!

sorry dude!

i need to check the weekly top 5 more often...i never knew you were up here!
fuck, eh!

heavy shit, man! You DESERVE to be up here.

you also deserve all 10s.

PS poop

speedmetalmessiah responds:

Don't worry man I didn't notice I was up there for a day or so after it happened.Thanks a lot for the 10's and for saying I deserve it.

Oh and have you finished that ambient track yet?Oh well guess we'll talk about it whenever I get on msn.

P.S.Yes poop

I am filled with shame...

As soon as you like, submitted this, i was the first to listen to it (as far as im concerned).

why didnt i revew it?
i dunno, but i guess that you deserve cookies with whipped cream AND this review now :P

So i guess that i inspired this one, eh?
*me feels VERY special*

this is glitch-wrok at its finest...i ehard glitch genre music that got like, famous n shit, and it doesnt even have a FUCKING BEAT!
But this, this is like:
fuckin bam.

no man, this is more like 3 in the morning trip acid music ;)

thanks for another great trk...and sorry for not getting the first revie win :P

great work man!

PS holy shit i jsut realized that this loops seamlessly. i hadn't noticed that it had looped like 3 times. lol

LJCoffee responds:

You're the fuckin man. - Yeah I'll give some credit to you - if you didn't ask about vocoders I wouldn't have ended up making this.. I'm sure that you can tell that "Blitz" was the next step up from this track - After it was finished I figured I'd do another piece with a much higher tempo - which is why the percussive track in "Blitz" is maybe a quarter of the length - Glad you reviewed it - Man, I think owe you a few reviews, really !



fucking insane,as always.
now i know why i used to idolize you (and still do).

its like....trip acid ambient.
but then your like...

FUCKIN' BAM, BITCH! The break beat that you throw in is amazing, but believe it or not, it, to me, would be classified as ambient, even with those drums, man.

i never knew that you could do glitch-drum work like that, man. I guess i learn soemthing new everyday.

All of the ambient pieces that i wrote...Red Tears, Half Alive, Falling to hell, and a host of others, were all inspired by this kind of music....

man, you have like, taught me how to appreciate music in its truest for (to me, anyways)

thanks, and great fucking work!


LJCoffee responds:

WoW! - thank you - That means a ton to me. Actually, this is just a step away from my last submission - After reading your topic about vocoders, I recommended a few then I decided to mess around a bit here with one and I made "Vocode Reaktion" - It's pretty much just glitched up drums - You might like it.

You, my friend, are an awesome musician as far as I am concerned - damn near every submission I hear is better than the last.

Thanks again for the remarks and the score! (I'm assuming that you're saving the vote for later) ;)

hey man

its been like, forever since i reviewed your stuff.

I like the little trill thing that you did on the guitar at the very start...but it almost seems like the harmonics are off a bit with the synths in the begginning, or maybe thats the feeling you were going for?
cuase it cleared up really good later on.

great work man...i wish i could play guitar this good..


FlameMesial responds:

Yes, I think that was the feeling I was going for - I doesn't sound off to me (and with synths, did you mean the keyboards or guitar?).

Anyway cheers for keeping your promise, I thought you let me down for a while.

Cheers Dood!!

Great job, man!

Since im at school right now, i could only hear the begginning...

ill listen to the rest later, but as for now...

good job!
good to see that your back, posting music on newgrounds.


ah, hell ill review this one.

cause i like dance music, and i think that you might need some good critizm on it :P

The bassline was good in the begginning...but turn down the cut off frequency on it and get rid of the delay.
Its a bassline...and i like mine solid.
but thats jsut me.
The snare roll that came in was pretty awkward...id use a more loose sample. I dont like tight snares on my rolls.
The rising string is a great VST that u used, but id turn it down a bit...
the open hat on every second beat is kinda bugging me.

So basically, the only advice i have:
turn down rising string, and make the drums more 'dancish' instead of 'technoish'.

great work!


PS eat my 5, beotch.

your ego has me interested :P

if u dont blow me away, im going to shit on your grave.
yeah, you heard me.
naw, im joking....anyways, to the song.

Im liking the ambience so far...the piano and everything is perfectly mastered...but then this weord trip kick comes in...
ehh...im really kinda wondering if i like the drums or hate them...
then the ambientce breaks away and a trip acid dance song going at like, 110 or 120 BPM break in!
i honestly didnt see that coming.

This is a very unique and well organized track, but the mastering on the bass...well, needs to be bassier. not the bassdrum, the bassline.

good song, but my two words of advice:

get a better kick sample, and make it smooth...i dont like the glitchiness in it.
and the ending...actually needs to an ending! its jsut kind of a fade off type thing...

but still, i like the song.


SolusLunes responds:

I like the whole idea of "bassier", and it was fun to do the whole "SHAZAM, DANCE MOTHAFUCKAS!" thing.
And my grave does have a portapotty installed for people just like you. Watch for my next song- I know you're gonna like it. It'll prolly be done tomorrow or tuesday.


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