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Fuckin' weird.

I hate to say this, but it's not really unique. In fact, it's quite far from that :( If you wanna do something unique, you add new elements to the track, not change the arrangement of the track. Actually, scratch that. If you wanna make something unique, don't make trance :P The genre's been done to shit, and there's nothing new to add anymore...

I suppose that you're trying to mislead the crowd that this is a small part of a song that is 1 million minutes long with the fade in and the fade out. Personally I just think that means that you were too lazy to make a shorter version.

The song was very well EQed and the compression was great. No real complaints there.

The melody wasn't something you could whistle, and to me, that's what a melody should be. Something you can remember and whistle to while you work. And if you can't have that kind of melody (like you've got here), you need a singer. At least try to vocode your own voice or something. There was a few notes during the end of the melody just sounded weird! It was in the right scale and everything but it just... didn't sound right. I dunno. I don't wanna count it out and tell you which 8th note it was in the 4th measure, so I guess I'm gonna have to let it slide with you this time ;)

The drums and bass were so ridiculously boring, and this coming from a drum 'n bass artist. Tsk tsk, sir. You had breaks in all the right places with the drums, but they weren't NEW breaks. They weren't the kind of break that robots dance to and then when that break omes they go "holy shit that was awesome I wanna listen to that ONE part of the song a million times over and make a new fuckin' dance move to that ONE part". You've gotta have some awesome shit like that with your drum work. As for the bassline, I really feel like tapping your nose and calling you a bad dog >:( Offbeat? Dude. Even the synth you used was cliche.

Gah. It's a good song, but it pisses me straight off when it sounds exactly like something I'd hear if I turned on a trance station. You have nothing in this song that says "hey, I'm cornandbeans! You can tell because of that one thing that I do in nearly every one of my songs and it sounds fucking sweet!".

Oh well man. Good work. Keep it easy;


PS: Try to make some Goa sometime, and I'll be sure to write you another long review if you do :D I remember one time you said you liked Goa, so why not try to make some?

cornandbeans responds:

well you see
in happy hardcore it would sound really weird if I tried to pull of some kind of noisia break... and the bassline is really thick so even if I tried one of those4/4 based goa/trance basslines it would muddy up the mix...

i mean if I was doing dnb that would be perfectly cool but since I'm making happy hardcore I kinda have to keep it simple and stupid and focus more on the sound of the sample and the melody :P

took me like 2 hours to make the drums, dead serious.

I see where you're coming from, and those are some of the most prominent complaints about this genre... Happy hardcore really isn't a highly technical genre, but whatever :P

Thanks for the review man, and I'm working on a goa song as we speak :D


Not really Goa trance. It's a really weird hybrid of some Goa elements combined with cheesy sounding euro-synths.

Goa isn't really supposed to be this fast :O The song is too "full" to be a full-fledged Goa track, and you're missing one of the most important things:

The throbbing bassline. You can't just give up and go for an offbeat bassline, one of the talents of making Goa is to get that bassline in there and making it sound good.

Good luck in the future;


Wait, what?

Greeksta making trance? When you said you just made your first trance song, I had to jump over here as fast as I could to see what the hell's goin' on :O

My first issue is the beginning filter. Your synth has low frequencies in it (50 Hz-250 Hz) and you probably have the resonance (Q) up real high on it. You might wanna... you know... zap the bass out of that.

The song seems a little loud. Make sure that you 1: Have everything probably EQed and compressed so it doesn't clip and 2: make sure that the things you want to be loud are a little over "medium-volume" and the things you want to be quiet are dead quiet. The magic of making good music is not what you hear up-front; it's what's hidden behind. Trust me on this.

So, for future reference, keep everything clean sounding and at a good volume, and don't be afraid to add a lot of synths! But if they're all loud... your song's not gonna be that good. So, just be moderate about everything, eh?

Keep it easy;


Greeksta-69 responds:

You know if you put it that way it all actually makes perfect sence to me 0_0
My problem = I make everythign too damn loud lol
Thanks for the review!
Im going to start working on the next track soon and its gonna own this one !



Sounds like you're gonna get some sweet loving after this Jessica lady hears this. Awesome work.

Keep it easy;


Short DnB track.

That means I should be expecting a diverse track :)

Haha, wow... it's hard to take this song seriously. You've got some sounds here that sound so small! The bass should be ferocious, the drums should be thick, and the arp should grab your attention.

My advice if this is your music creation program's best quality; invest in another program. If you don't want to though, be VERY PICKY with your sample choice.

Keep it easy;


boney-man responds:

Okay, yeah, I need better bass choice. Anyway, this isn't the best it can do... my first song "Energize" was even better than this. I'm working on a new song now with synths and stuff; I hope it turns out better. I've tried FL Studio, but it looks a bit confusing. I would get more into it, but I don't want to waste the whole demo making crap songs to get used to it. I need a full version. I'll give FL a try again anyway.

I like the title.

Nuclear cycle, eh? Definitely not something I'd ever think of, so props on that :P

The beginning with the drum filters is nice, it's been done before, but the drums feel like their more IDM than anything. I can't feel a rythym at all :(

Build your songs a little faster. Add more things at once instead of slowly filtering things in, because then you'll have to write more parts to your songs, and the more parts you have in your songs the more interesting they'll be, and the more interesting they are, the better the song.

I also just realized how slow this song is. I could make a trance song at this tempo, dude. That ain't right; try making a DnB song at a faster tempo sometime. 165-180 BPM would work nicely.

So yeah, only a few things to fix up:

I like that little saw lead. Catchy; I could see something nice come from that little arpeggio-type melody.

Tempo's too slow.
Drums are too random-sounding. They need to have solid rythymic patterns that the listener can identify with.
And make the songs progress smoothly and focus on getting the most quality you can get out of a track.

Keep it easy bro;


Distortzion responds:

Hey, thnx for the rev at first.

Yeah I know that DnB has to be that tempo, but when I speeded up this song, the breaks got all weird so that's the reason it's like this. I might edit this song and fix the breaks n stuff.

I like the random breaks. I prefer random that sounds cool that "arranged" drums that sound like shit.

The next DnB song will have a faster build.

Great rev, Zenon, thnx.

Dark Forest, eh.

I'm listening to this on my stock laptop speakers so I can't comment on your EQ job... well, the low end part of it.

The song is decent sounding, to say the most. The sounds you're using are kind of weak. Your reece synth is just a detuned saw; no modulation, no distortion, no effects or anything. Your drums are a little high ended, and it's a loop. Consider using your own samples to make your drums; they sound better. The song was decently diverse so no complaints there.

Just focus on making everything sound better. Make sounds that can make people take the song seriously.

Keep it easy;


Electrick responds:

Thanks dude. I appreciate it.


Hey bud :D

It's nice to know you're still alive and breathing ;) I personally hate remixes of video games, so this review might sound a little biased.

I'm a huge FF fan, so of course it sounds a little familiar. But "a little familiar" is all I'm gonna get though... none of the rest of the song seems at all familiar to me. So, now that I haven't heard the original (or can remember it) I can't judge what YOU did... So I'll just pretend this is an original mix :P

I enjoyed the breakdown near the middle of the track, with the cute little 909 drum break down XD Seriously, they sounded so small :D

I understand that it's because of what the song used to be, but the song just sounds awkward, you know what I mean? Doesn't really sound correct, especially that little solo section in the breakdown, but I guess there's nothing you can do about that in a song that's screwed up like this.

You've also got some very very... cheesy, shall we say, sounds in here. Maybe if you got some sounds that were a lot more solid and less all cheese, I might have been able to take this song a little more seriously, you know?

Keep it easy bro;


beatmasterJAG responds:

Wow, I am glad you came back to see if I was alive :]

Yeah, things dont sound right in the song.:\ I have listened ot it a million times over-and sometimes it is slightly appeasing. While other times I am like "geez gimme a break, seriously?!"

The breakdown, really should be put into a totally seperate song. It sounded kinda cool going into it-but definately sucked trying to find a decent transition out so I could atleast finish the song. (the transition was another M1D1 segment that hadnt been used from the original up to that point in the song)

Cheese-yeah, kinda went for it being that it was a video game remix. And I used Orion which is prolly agreeably worse of a prog than FL-both of which can be very cheezie.

Thanks for the review, I think you found nearly ever minus I have in the track-but, eh, its my first true video game remix.


I thought I'd leave a review.

This is a pretty good trance song... nothing more, really. The track has a good amount of bass in it so it doesn't sound empty... but talk about pushing the limits to how high your synths can go! Really hurts my head at the end there.

...it's a well arranged dance track. Also, you switch things up now and then. Nothing completely different from the rest of the track, but at least it's slightly different.

...it's a dance track. It's been done millions of times over, and sure, though it may sound alright, it doesn't sound great. Try adding some new elements to a dance song so when people pull up to listen to the track, they aren't going to say "Oh this sounds just like *said millions of other producer*". Make them say "hey, this sounds like ClearRain."

Also, watch your levels a little bit... your rise-string was way too loud, and be sure to watch what instruments you use. Everything you used here was clearly identifiable as "FL presets". Go search around the net so you can get some other samples.

Keep it easy;


Nice name,

Even though I'm a grammar Nazi and I hate to see names not properly punctuated... oh well.

I enjoyed the bassline, set the mood pretty good. It's the thing that you'd remember first in a track.

Well... it lives up to it's genre. Very slow, very weird sounding. Has a nice little 90s feel to the bassline.

Didn't change it up too much. I'd understand if you didn't change the bassline but I don't understand the reason of not writing an entire piano solo for the iano. The bass is the catchy part, not the piano. I'm an ambient composer myself, so don't say that's what ambient is all about; make the song interesting.

The drums seemed strangely off. There was parts in the song where... everything seemed off. But, my biggest problem was with the hats. You should have configured the speed on the delay so that it fit the track better, instead of just having a random delay on it.

It was a nice enjoyable piece though. Seeing how you like ambient music, you should go and review my song called "Peace Brings Pain". Y'know, return the favor ;)

Keep it easy;


Rookes responds:

thx for the review, ill check your stuff out. theres actually no delay on the hats at all, just reverse and some eq shift, i was just bascially writing a loop as a background for some flash or something someone might find useful, so i was going for something simple, short and could loop very easily, hence no solo or anything. i left the hats off cause i wanted it to be slightly unsettling. on its own it seems odd but when used as a soundtrack to something visual it has an awesome effect, try it out sometime:-)


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