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hey just out of curiosty

since this is pretty decent music(not the stf id usually listen to) but its still good. how long have u been making music? Cause to tell u the truth, the song does not reall have a chorus(or an apparent one at that) and it the most weirdest ending i have ever heard in my life. but hey, sumtimes its good to be unique

NiDeCo responds:

I have been making music for 8 years now, but I've just recently started making electronic music. The 'song' not having a chorus is, because it's a project I'm working on (NDC'Elements) and the project contains 8 'songs' that should be played sequently. (is that correct English?) I'm planning on making real songs out of the patterns I used in NDC'Elements and those will be individual songs.
Glad you liked it though ;)


this was like one of those awesome songz that had a kick ass chorus and awesome sides...but just despise it when people use closed high hats when its suppoesed to be an open hat. it disturbs me so....and add a clap kick in. it would be awesome and it would be vibe!

honestly, try that



i luved this song sooooooooooooo much dude! it was faster, better....just a few things tho. the beat didnt have a open high hat and your clap...well...sucked. Add a hardcore bassline to reinforce it and i shall call u god.

P.S. o ya i remade chilly. you should check it out


good over all. im bad at remixes, i always have to get a midi and work from that. i dont know if u did or not, but i kind of like it, even though my brother is obsessed with halo, and now i hate it. the beat was okay, could use sum reverb on the drums, and plz lose the shaker. it was good but then the shaker jumps out and strangled me. i didnt like it, others may have...w/e

good job

spongessuck responds:

No, i just copied off the real version, where there is a shaker. Maybe it's a little loud, though.

hey dude!

yo its me, the dude who made mindless and mindless pt 2. this song is okay, but, heres the critism. keep the snare part, lose the weird bass kick part and put in a 4X4 solid kick beat, make sure its LOUD and then add a clap/loud snare every second beat, and then do what u want. snare rolls make it better too. try that and see how it turns out.

just 4 a little help

turn yer hat volume down a bit, try and leave the snare on every second beat fool around on the kicks. itll make a vibe beat, which i seriously think u are goin for, but im tellin u this cause the beat is drivin me insane.


its good but......

...if you wanna make this trance, how about adding sumthing trance-like? like an arp, solid 4X4 kick, open hat, clap, snare, weird effects, and an offbeat bassline. Try that, and i really wanna hear the outcome. keep the chords, even though i could swear you use the chord calculator,(even though no one know what that is).

good work and keep it up.

Khuskan responds:

Trance is the catagory i submit anything remotly modern to that dosnt fit anywhere else.

ok dude......

yer remakes are near perfect with the timing and shit, but YOU NEED DRUMS. IF YER A DRUMMER LIKE ME U UNDERSTAND THE IMPORTANCE OF DRUMS. yer songs'll be alot better.

woah im trippin

its a pretty good song, and part of the reason that i think it isnt great is because the name dissapointed me. i thought it was a final fantasy remake. well, its still good.

P.s. use a better clap and dont u find it creepy that the size is exactly 2 000 kbs?

B0UNC3 responds:

Thx for the review ;), I don't see why you should have thought this was a FF remake when it says in the description it isn't :P.I know the clap suck abit but i'm not planning on putting the end products on ng anyway, since it doesn't seem that wanted ;).Oh and the exact 2000.00Kb's, thats called hax :P
jk ;)

ok dude...

im not gonna say its a rip, or n e thing and it is good, BUT

i heard this on the official final fantasy site and a pro on Ampcast played this. so i have my doubts but none the less good job.


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