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Oh my GOD!


Jesus christ I loved this song! I'm definitely downloading this shit, bro; and feel special. It's been over a year since I downloaded a song from Newgrounds :P

Keep it easy bro;


Rig responds:

i are speshil my mom sez so an my teechr sez i r smrt
Thanks for the props, man! Be sure to congratulate Cyril - his vocals made all the difference. :D

Pretty good :)

The effects in the beginning are great and well-placed; especially that laugh. Oo, so sinister. Can't get enough of that :)

When the main song comes in, the synths don't really have as much impact as I feel they should. I should be able to feel that sub bass/reese like none other. It really just sounds like a detuned saw. Come on, brother! Distortion, flanger, phaser, anything you can think of; modulate that fucker. Make him sound pretty :D

The drums sound great, but one word of advice: less bass drum. Make the patterns sound clean and organized.

Keep it easy;


Quarl responds:

rawr, thanks for the awesome review...but if you ask me...i'd say the song could use a hell of alot more bass drum :D

*AHEM...cough, let me be serious here for a minute though. Please hear me out...

I honestly don't hear whats wrong with the drums rhythmically. The eq could probably be better if I wasn't using garage band to mix, i'll give you that. But the rhythm is so much more. I'd like to note that I've been drumming for four years and in that time, I've learned how to play a double bass peddle sound with one foot. That allows me to play closed hi hat rhythms and double bass thing-a-ma-jigs that I loooovvveeee to simulate in garage band. The rhythms in this track were written on paper, played on my set, then transposed using a midi, then fixed up a bit (try playing these rhythms perfectly in time without a metronome), a second hi hat track was placed on top of the drum track to create a ployrhythm. Dunno if any of that makes sense, but I guess you could say that I really work hard on my drums. The production might not be the best, but there's more to it than you can hear.

I feel it.

I really like how you introduce the track with drums only; sets up the track nicely. The synths you use seem a plain; simple sound waves with no effects or altering whatsoever (other than the detuning, of course).

The song works itself into a "killer rampage" filler, which I liked. When the drums came in at 1:02, I felt that they felt really weak and short; in your case, using that loop for the main beat was a good idea since it sounded full and like it fit with the dirty killer theme. But when you sliced it like at 1:02, it was unfulfilling and empty. I'd suggest using samples for your drums instead of a sliced loop for that part, or even possibly the entire song.

Keep it easy;


Oo, this is nice.

One more star for soft and fast ambistep :D Good work. I liked the pinner drums, but there's something I'd like to hear a little bit more of: and that is, of course, a huge sub bass. Just a deep sine wave with a 90 Hz boost and a hell of a lot of dissonance (and not playing a lot, keep in mind) would be enough to give this track that big low rumble that this track needs :)

Keep it easy;


Haha, obviously written in FL.

You might have been able to trick me into thinking otherwise if you didn't use that 3Xosc 303 sound ;) Everyone makes the synth, but it always sounds the same...

I like the drums, but the snare drum seems to strike my head in an awkward kind of way. Stands out in the mix really weird like. The piano would have been a nice addition, but it doesn't really seem like you follow the right key signature that you have the bassline going on (which sounds good, by the way). The piano took away the "serious ambience" that this track had.

Keep it easy buddy;


Spikrodd responds:

actually i did trick you...

that 303 is the cm303 from a computer music magazine. i have won! :D

the snare now that i look back on it should have at least had less of that hi frequency trebles (similar in range to hihats). I believe the only way to learn is to make m,istakes. i say this is a damn good one! i mean look at it! ... :D!

oh, also: congrats on 500 songs! you bastard you. xDDD

It's... ok?

It's like a hybrid techno song that's trying way too hard to sound like drum 'n bass. It's ok, like, my ears aren't bleeding or anything, but there's just a few things you need to smooth out with the DnB genre. Well, with music in general really; everything sounds kind of awkward with each other and the beat is a sliced FL loop.

Keep it easy buddy;


Fucking awesome.

Excellent work on the eerie effects and especially the drum work. There's just a bit of clippage that I wanna complain about but other than that, a slick track. The bass is corny as hell (I would have liked a mean reese that could bite back) but hey, what you've got it what you've got.

Great work buddy, and I wish you luck.


Fuck yeah.

I dunno if I could do better, bro ;) I guess I'll just have to try, eh?

Keep it easy bud;


Father-of-Death responds:

butt secks. plz.

So like


I usually don't write reviews...

...for songs I like. I usually just favorite, and leave. But this song... 7 minutes long and 3 reviews? The injustice was killing me.

I love the plain, abstract but yet neatly constructed ambiance. It takes a while for it to get to that sick hip hop beat, but all of the effects you had going before were completely orgasmic. I love ambient for a few reasons; the fact that you can make artwork out of simplicity and the usage of sine waves. You did an excellent job with every sound in this song, man; I really appreciate that you put this on newgrounds :) Possibly the best usage of the new size limit yet.

Awesome work man. Keep it easy;


Kingbastard responds:

Thanks very much man, appreciate it, i was gutted it's been getting so little attention, maybe the length and build up is a factor:)


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