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Aqua indeed.

I get a very nice vibe from the introduction. I hope the rest of the song doesn't give me too much to critique.

Dance? Hell yes this is dance music. Solid groove, and it's slow enough so you can actually dance to it. The pads and everything are actually at a nice volume.

I enjoyed the diversity in this track, seeing as you took the effort for things to sound at least a LITTLE different than the rest of the song.

It's too generic. Bass on the offbeat, soft pad in the background, hard lead complementing the sine/square melody... nothing new here. It sounds nice, but you're not really going to grab the attention of anyone with this, I'm sad to say. Try listening to some other genres (metal, Drum 'n Bass, breakbeat, etc) and try to get an idea of what you could do in the dance genre to make it different.

The drums are also too loud for a mix like this. The song is soft with a minimal melody, and the drums are pounding. I guess the contrast would be called "nice" by other people, but even if everyone did like the way-too-loud drums, they aren't diverse. There are no breaks that contribute to the song or anything; just a steady beat. Try changing that in the future :)

Other than that, good job. You should go and review my newest track, "Peace Brings Pain". I think it'd only be returning the favor, seeing how I wrote you a nice helpful review.

Keep it easy;


F-777 responds:

Thanks buddy.

Well then

let's celebrate the naming of your first track with a review, eh? :)

Basic dance beat with a good backgroud sound. A little overdone by other artists, but still gets the point across.

You eventually ended up changing that arp after a while so it became a bunch of random chords. Maybe have not been the best change in the history of music (same with that lead) but it was progression anyways.

Overall song arrangement. Songs are usually written in introduction -> Melody and/or verse1 ->Melody and/or verse1 -> Verse 2 and/or break and it keeps going like this until we go to the -> outro. This makes the song feel very diverse, and professional. Listen a little bit to more profound artists that do this type of genre, to get a sense of how they arrange it.

Also, your compression. In fact, there was no compression. Slap a soft clipper on the master effects just so you can keep the levels down a bit, and remember: Louder is not always better! Work to making the track quieter than usual. If you want something to stand out, turn down the other instruments. Don't turn that particular one up really high. Don't be afraid to compress things that have a tendency to peak out (i.e. Kicks, snares, leads).

Keep it up. Now, if you could be a gentleman and review my song called "Peace Brings Pain", I'd really appreciate it :)

Keep it easy;


bibotheking responds:

thx for the review, and thx for the advice!


Like a silver platter filled with greasy deformities like pizza and fries accompanied by the subtleties of the beauty of wine and a tenderly cooked roast, this song is quite good tasting.

I've been eating all day. And I think taking a listen to some "pinner" crunchy sounding synths is just what I wanted :)

Word of advice though; you had a nice little filter in the beginning that brought a sense of bass into the mix... but after the introduction, the bass seemed to have lost it's dynamics in the mix? Maybe you actually need to make a bass synth instead of just using a sine wave, you lazy ass, haha.

See you around; and keep this shit up.


Father-of-Death responds:

holy shit mate! I can't believe you're reviewing stuff!

I can't wait till i can make something decent and something i'm proud of though..........

Oh goody.

I used to be a Goa Trance producer myself, so I can give you a few pointers here and there :)

The intro was quite the normal Goa thing. Amateur sounding, but generally the right idea. Try to get a kick sample (or make one, if you're feeling creative) that has a harsh "click" at the beginning. Kind of like an edited 808 kick sample.

The bass was nice. Followed the goa tradition nicely :) The only thing I didn't like about it was that it sounded very... distorted. Try taking off the distortion, and turn it into a kind of 303-like kind of dealio. Might get a more bassy, solid sound in the mix if you did that.

The sound effect you used was nice, fit the genre beautifully. It was just loud, is all. Make it blend with the mix.

Overall, the song was pretty good. Just make some nicer sounds, and work on your arrangement a little bit. You've got kind a general "build-up then fade off" thingy goin' here, and that ain't bad, it's just not entertaining. If you wanna build it up, make sure you're changing parts around a LOT.

Keep it up, I expect to hear amazing things from you very soon. I may not REVIEW in the future, but I'll definitely be listening :)

Keep it up!


All my lolz

R Belung 2 U.


StereoTactik responds:


You killed my expectations.

I was expecting an awesome build-up and then have it satisfied with a thick, dirty, crunchy reese.

Well, that reese turned out to be a pussy.

Where the fuck is the distortion!?

Bah; just get a thicker sound next time. Everything else is fine. Good drum work.


StereoTactik responds:

I personally would have worked on the bass a little more, but I blame Geier and his stupid ways of comparing a reese to random items that DOES NOT HELP AT ALL. I was just really fed up with working on it so I finished. Thanks, and MSN me for the 160kbps version.

Ah, hip hop.

Been a long time since I listened to it.

This is a pretty good hip hop beat, you and this dude did a good job on this collaboration. There's only a few things that I'm gonna bug you about though.

1, is the quality. The sitar thing you used in the beginning was great, it added to the feeling. I see that you tried to make it sound fuller by making the kick drum really bassy and adding a flute riff. Well, they sounded nice. It's just that you have the quality running a little low; makes it sound like the kick is a little distorted. The strings sounded great, but maybe they were a little loud in the mix? Try turning them down a little bit and then adding some steady string work throughout the entire track so it sounds a little fuller.

The drum work was a little repetitive, a few breaks here and there that corresponded with the song would have worked great. You have a place where the beat just drops which is nice, but the rest of the song doesn't change at that point. You need to add a little bit of diversity in those little moments. It's hard to make a hip hop beat sound diverse; which is why you should put a lot of effort and thought into those small little breaks in the track.

You guys did a good job though. Keep it up, and try to find a lyricist. Beats like this would sound about 200% more awesome with them :)

Keep it easy;


Greeksta-69 responds:

YES! i was waiting for this review lmao anyways thanks man you always have good reviews not that there saying good stuff but they actually help! HEAT THAT PEOPLE! A REVIEW THAT ACTUALLY HELPS ! anyways i really appreciate this review and i will take everything into consideration also do you by any chance have msn? you can add me at Greeksta_69@hotmail.com thanks alot for everything we appreciate the Review from a talented artist such as your self !


I'm hoping this one is something nice and dark; that last one was a little bit too happy for me to start my morning off with :P

Nice... percussion? In the beginning? Weird sounds? I dunno what they are, but they sound nifty. Your strings are also nice, but I would have preferred some progression into the chords. Like, maybe only playing the bass notes in the chords first, then eventually, over the intro, build up the chords to their full potential by adding the rest of the notes.

I hear some very nice sounds in the background, very electronic. But, another thing I hear is bad compression problems. At least in your strings. I'm pretty sure strings aren't supposed to waver like that :O Might wanna watch your compressor/volume of your bassy instruments.

Ah, I like your "melody". A sinister sounding bell rythym. Satisfying to me, even though I would really like some percussion in this song. I can understand if there's no percussion in a song when it fits, but this song is just screaming for some heavy industrial beats that would just add to the evilness of this song.

Very nice work, but like in the last song, watch out for quality and for your compression. Make it sound fresh, bro.

Keep it easy;


pitbulljones responds:

yo zenon, thanks for the review. yea them opening sounds are some ambience settings from nexus. just a preset patch nowt special. that string wavering issue is actually part of the patch i used it is a bit synthy but hopefully it isn't a mjor impatc on what i was trying to achieve.

glad you like the bell, little nice sounds mied with the dark always tend to stand out and give a sinister edge. I was gonna add percussion and in my original comp i had some but i personally didnt like it so took it out.

Thanks again mate

pm me when you have owt up.


"And Now I'm Fearless"

I was wondering how the song was going to progress when those "nice" chords introduced the song. I was wondering if it was going to be something Coldplay-ish, or just very very mellow, with no percussion at all.

Your instrument choice for this song is actually really pleasant. That "string" sound that you have panning from ear to ear is tripping me out, bro XD Might wanna turn that sound down a tad, it's detracting from the overall beauty of the rhodes.

Hmm, the piano is starting to get a little repetitive. Oh wait, nevermind. You switched it up. I think you should have kept switching it up though, man. Like, instead of having those 3 general rhodes patterns in the song, you could have added a violin melody to play over it or something. Something really high and melody-ish. That "string" like instrument that you have does work well, maybe you could have had a string layer over that? Hmm, try that out.

When you threw the piano up an octave and switched it up again, I think that was just the thing I needed to hear. Great work there, and you brought in that trippy ass high string :) AND the string that I said you should have added in the previous paragraph. Dammit Pitbull, you can read me like a book :P

There is only one issue that I have with this song though. Quality. It's really lacking in this piece... everything is fuzzy where it shouldn't be. Try to make your rhodes sound more fresh; drain the bass out of the rhodes, and give your low strings the bass instead (even though you already did, I'm just saying you should take the fullness out of the rhodes and distribute it).

Great song bro, keep this shit up.

Keep it easy;


pitbulljones responds:

yo zenon, haha yea i very rarely if ever make music thats this nice and sweet, sometimes you just gotta go with whatever is happening and this turned out.

Haha i liked the fact you pointed out bits and then they came in later, just different interpretations of how one achieves a composition eh?

Quality is a major issue in this tune, it's down to 96kbps even with several cuts out of the tune and i hate low res tunes. the piano is on the bassy side, takes up a lot of the room, tho the vst i used intentional sounds like that, it does need the low cutting off.

thnaks very much and let me know when you have any tunes up.


Very nice.

I'm not going to go into a hardcore indepth review like I usually do... but a review's a review none the less.

The beginning was kind of a turn off; I felt compelled to review this, so I was gonna give it a chance, but if I heard this with just music that I was gonna listen to for pleasure, I'd probably turn it off right after hearing that boom. The compression on that boom sound effect is just... horrid. Sorry, didn't like that very much. Just a normal boom would have sufficed intead of this sound that just seems to molest the beautiful piano afterwards.

The rest of the song is good, and that dirty lead you bring in would have worked a lot better if you built anticipation with it instead of just bringing it in, you know? Have it filter in and have them subs just a rumblin', and then do that kick roll in.

Very nice drum samples by the way, and even as much as I liked them... I like my samples loose. And slicing is definitely not loose, man. Hearing some custom high end cymbals in the background with some awesome loose percussion that is EQed to be thick would have worked a lot better. Maybe the loop you have going would have worked a lot better for background sounds instead, whilst thicker sounds layed down the real EQ?

The rest of the song is nicely done arrangement wise; nice breaks everywhere.

Good work, and remember, I give you these tips cause you've got awesome skill. Knock me dead with your next track; drop me a review when you submit it so I'll know to come and review.

Keep it easy;



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