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Okay, so there are no recent full length songs. But there is this one, and I haven't reviewed it yet. This is actually a super slick groove, I'm down with bass, the tight ass drums, and that arp in the background is just right :) Noice noice noice. I really wish that there was more that I could comment, since it's only a short song. I don't know... maybe some more atmosphere effects in the background when the bass isn't playing or if you're trying to portray a crescendo or decrescendo or just a transition into another section, it could really add some flavor into the mix.

Sexy poop sir.

Haha you whack ass bastard.

It started out to be some normal ish sounding stuff. But then you started pitch bending the shit out of that... distorted bass guitar? Dude that was some original and cool sounding shit :p 44 seconds long, so I'm guessing that this isn't a serious project, but I'd bet that if you spaced out the wicked pitch bending in between other bass sounds that actually play in a chord progression, this could sound sweet.

Funny stuff FOD :) I'm gonna look through your songs and find a full length one and give you a long review.

Definitely would like to hear full versions of Fighting Fantasy and if I was more into the chillstep genre, I'd say Dubstep Flute as well. All of them have pretty awesome potential to be killer tracks :)

Right off the hop, I like your samples but the only one that seems appropriate in the drums is the bass drum. That clap is too abrasive for the whole feel of the song, at least for the intro. As always with your other songs I've heard, I love your female vocals. Where do you get those?
But what I mean with the clap is that a softer clap sample would have been awesome to use instead of that slap-clap, and wait til about the 1:37 mark in the song where you introduce the rest of the drums. I think it would have been more appropriate for the feel that you're goin for in this track.

Other than that... spacey, ambient, slow, good producing, great great vocals... good shit :) I enjoyed this song a lot, even though it kind of has the same volume throughout the entire track without changing the main theme.

Hyperion666 responds:

hmmm the clap I liked for the echo effect but maybe a snare would just fine too but yeah I can see your point definitely in the beginning haha I don't know why I didn't hear that probably heard tooo many times making it and the vocals are from fruityloops sample by past projects I just sampled it cuz it went well with the vibe lol I might just take it down and re do that clap though I don't know that really made sense to me

I actually really like the ideas that you bring out with this, but i think it opens up a lot of space for experimentation. Like the backwards drums and instruments are great, but when the bass and the female vocals come in I'd like to hear some more solid drums. You could just zap the low end frequencies out of the backwards drums for that part and then re-EQ and sidechain some new drums into that awesome bassline.

Good shit man! Different than anything I've heard thus far.

Hyperion666 responds:

omg thank you I was thinking the same way but I didn't know how to re EQ haha sweet thanx soo much for that and yeah I love to experiment new ways of doing things stuff no one else has done if they have do it better but yeah ill get right on re making this thanx bro I love having a knowledgable engineer hearing my music most of them I create on accident anyway trying out new stuff so I miss a lot of things that way most people that hear my stuff either say its bad or good but not why thank you again your very helpful

Likin' the arp :) Really solid lines. I could think of a few other synths that could be put over top of that badass loop to emphasize the higher notes in the arp. Some pads with the bass zapped out of them and a shit-ton of effects added during the parts where not really too much else is going on other than the kick and the bass wouldn't be a bad idea; adding atmosphere is never a bad idea, you just gotta make sure it's quieter and louder in the right spots. Other than that, good shit man :) You had a really good thing going on, I just thought the effects were kinda loud sir.

Bouncing from minor to major, I like all the sounds that this brings to the table. I'd like to see what you can do with trance/dub/drum n bass nowadays :) Very nice melodies, but I agree with the below reviewr. It needs to be brought to a definite end instead of sounding like it just sluffs off the melody. Good work though!

Hah, wow. It's been a while since I heard this one :)

Really nice back melody, I'm kinda thinking that the whole overtone could use a really soft subbass. It'd be cool to hear a bass giving backup to the rhythm guitar, and then giving backup to the string melody. Other than that man, it's actually a really nice minimal piece of hip hop goodness :) The samples you chose work well with each other.

I enjoyed

The only thing i didnt like was how loose that snare was but that's being incredibly nit picky. I <3'd everything else though, especially the lyrics :)


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