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Fast paced?

This is like, only going at a tempo of like...

170 or 180 man!
thats actually quite slow for drum n bass...

make one at like, 200 or 210 bpm.

give it a try :D


apimusic responds:

That's WAY to fast for drum 'n bass. 160 - 180 is perfect.

well, i got schooled.

yeah, you heard me.
I jsut got owned.

great music...where do i start?
the drum line is very solid, and im a drummer, so ill nit-pick the most on the percussion :)

the snare part was very well written, but i would ahve put in more extreme dynamics on the rolls. And maybe some better samples would work beter for the snare part. The tympani part was quiet, like almost eveyr tympani player i know. But me, i like the tymanis to blare, cause then they have a more defined look to the melody.
think of it as a mixed relationship between the two.
I didnt hear a bassdrum...so if it aint there, then i dont care, but if it is...turn it up!
now for the part that blew me away...

your ambient harps in the backround completely blew the fuck outta me man! Completely melodic, the perfect volume...wow.

i cant even stick out anything wrong with the melody and strings.
but the only thing i dont like...is that tis a loop! well, this IS newgrounds, so i guess i cant say much about that, btw, eh?

if this was a full song, i would be forced to sit at your feet and kiss them.

great fucking job.


DavidOrr responds:

haha thanks man. I know the drums are not the best, I have not ever had very good drum selections for any of my music. Also to make matters worse, this is sampled at a lower bitrate than normal, so the snares especially sound even worse. I am also a percussionist (although It is not my main instrument selection).

Yes, I will make a full version of this eventually, but as you said- this is Newgrounds. I am trying to provide some loops for people if they need them, since all my stuff so far has been full length stuff. Thanks a lot for the review man!

for the little pervs, eh?

then i guess its for me :P

this is damn unique, might i say.
You like took porn voices and sliced them out of a porn video, then used them?
i couldnt really se this used in a porn movie...maybe if it was slow RNB or something...

haha, great work!


LinkanMedia responds:

Yeah, that's right! I downloaded lots of porn clips and borrowed the sound from them. It was hard work I tell ya :P Not really meant to be put in a porn movie, it's just meant to be humorous :) Glad you liked it!


nice, chill and glitchy...i like this.
very much so.
i thoughtt at it was random slicing, and if it is, still.
its amzing n shit.

good job!


snoballandthmonyshot responds:

cheers matey,
working on a full track for this atm, i'll put it up when it's done, sounding alright. It is slicing but not as random as you might think:)
Ta, ;Ped

hey man

its been a while since i heard from you!
amazing shit as always, and castlevania jsut makes the song so much better, knowing that the track was from a great game :P

im lovin it, even though the trumpet almost sounds unrealiztic when it hits those constant hi notes...

The snare was very well done, even though id still do it louder :P

but thats me.

great fucking work!


XGM-Zeth responds:

Well, First of all.
Thanks! Been a while since i even heard you were alive.

Second of all, The trumpets need a bit reverb, and sound a bit...daft right now.

The snare...well you're obsessed :|



Youve got quite the dance music in the begginning.
Its actually quite amazig and shit, but there is something that i need to point out, is that when the beat is playing with the chorus, the open i hat is kinda quite.

and when it breaks out, id like to hear a big BOOM, instead of a lsight filter on the acid.

good job overall.
keep it up.


not bad

good effort at least.
the hats were..a little diffeernt, cause they also qualified as a clap and a hat.
the simyth that played was a little offtune...

good job overall.


IamMark responds:

Thanks for the review. Yes the simsynths did seem a little out of tune because one dragged on a a bit and the other was more of a hard hitting note. I would have changed them but when they solo'd it sounded pretty sweet so I had to leave them both for good measure. but if you look at this one compared to my earlier work there is a lot of improvement and slightly less repetative.

great fucking job!

It hwas like a fucking ACID TRIP!

lmao, 'bitch'


JonH2O responds:

That bitch sample was from Happy Gilmore. Adam Sandler was saying that.

"The price is wrong BITCH!"

If you're into this sort of acid trip stuff, stick around a little while! =)

ah, LJ!

it has been so long, man....so great to hear from you!

yeah, i used to be 'theblackhawk'.

ive got a new e-mail in my account, if you wanna contact me about that sig n' stuff.

now, about the song.

*cracks knuckles*

very abstract. lovin it. Very different from what im used to hearing from you tho. Its full of fills, weird ambience, and a solid drum beat in the backround.
The hard/wood chime twirls are amazing.

there is only one thing i would change in this though...

...turn down the shaker and the glitch drums.
this loops perfectly, man...

you've gotten way better. this must have taken so much effort....


LJCoffee responds:

Thanks - but it's all code - I didn't really compose it so much as I encoded data using a few different methods and dumped it all in there together. I suppose I could have adjusted the volumes a bit but in certain places certain things wouldn't be as audible and it would be much harder to find the messages :)

I'll email you sometime.

good to hear from you again

ah, its been a while, man.

I, too, have a CD on the go :)

i see youve picked some great mastering skills up, and also some new VSTs, or new techniques to make new sounds.

good work, and i wish you the best on your CD.

DJ Zenon--_--


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