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oh shit

i forget which one you wanted me to review :(
Whatver, i hope this one will do ;)

Time to see if youve improved a lot since the last time i seen you.
Very realistic sounding.
When the synth fades in, i could swear that it pans in the right side of my ear.
Good job there, and if it wasnt intended, good job none the less.
I would to hear more of an 'oomph' when you add something.
And that means that you need to spread out the arrangment a bit.
Like, you had a change each..i believe it was every 16 counts?
Well, i would change that up so its a little more progressive. Like...you have a percussion change every 32 counts, instead of 16.

Wow, theres so much i wanna point you out on, and commend you on...i might have to let it loop :P

The piano break was great. But it was WAY too empty.
I would add strings then, but dont have the strings just BLARING in, going as loud as the piano. That would take away the whole feel.
Have them slowly fade in...
And at the end have a 4 beat break!
its adds so much power, my friend. It truely does.

Its like...your expecting it to jsut go BANG, but then tehres this breather and then it goes HOLY SHIT BOOM.

I also did not notice any pads that came in when the chorus cacme in. Kinda mde me sad, cause trance is all about power, progression, great theory and catchy melodies.
You have the catchy melody.
You have great progression, but that could be touched on a bit.
Oh, before i continue, i may as well throw in another point about the progression part...

you build it very nice, and you bring in the standard melody. But then you bring in the last melody, like RIGHT then!
I was like, woah.
I did not see that coming!
I would have stopped the song right there, and had a big BOOM sound.
Then have the synth slowlyfade in...make it very dramatic. Make the people feel the power rush.
That move was a little too straight foreward for my liking, to be honest.
So like, you could ahve made the song longer and also added a lot of progression to it by doing that.

Now, about the power...
The power only comes in when you bring in the entire final melody and everything.
You need a pad. I would suggest grabbing a fat lead or something, throw it down an octave or so so its deep and throbbing, and then have it play 4 bars of pure power.
That should add a lot of energy to the track.

The theory was great. So complaints there.

So, i DID have a few ideas, but hey.
tis that time of night, eh?

alright man, have a good one.

PS there really was no ending...kinda bugged me.

MattBlair responds:

Wholy crap ZENON. Thanks for the review. Very very very nice. This, is an early verion of the song. And you've given me ideas which I'll use in the completion of the track. Thanks alot man.



On the front page no.1
(even though its all score...sadly)
impress me, my good sir.

Im loving the beginning, very very well put together and well looped FX.
The radio sounds are very good, they blended right in.
The pad that faded in added JUAT the right amount of power the song needed, in my opinion, even though it IS a preset, and that kinda made me sad inside...

The arp was clearly Short 3, bu hell, i use it all the time too, so i wont rag on you.
The drums could ahve came in a little...more pwoerufl for the way the song was coming.
Like the arrangment for the song coulda hve been something like:
(FX) > (pad fade in) > (Weak synth build) > Strong synth bust in with kick) > then (break in shaker drums) kinda like a hi hat shaker thing instead of automatically using your open hi hat...like a weaker hi aht sample or something, and then you could go something like > (break in hi hat with more powerful synths).

really...you brought in the clap and the open hi hat first. I didnt really like that arrangment.
The clap was good and powerful, fitting for the name.
Kinda could be music b4 a crime happens or something, y'now?

What id like to hear:
A little more diveristy. A few breaks every 16-32 bars or soemthing of the sort, to give the song the feeling that its 'breathing'.
This song has no breaks, but is very smooth.
But think of it like a human...if we run smooth, thats all good and everything, but if we dont breathe, we die.
Adding breaks, build ups, alternate percussion and making it more diverse and adding a crash whenever you add something new is like breathing.
Not only does it improve performance, it is required for life (or, a good overall song).

Im not saying this was bad, but it DOES need quite a bit of imporovment.
I didnt hear any ODing anywhere, so im guessing that you compressed it. If you didnt, then SHAME on you!
Go learn to use a compressor, it'll not only limit your musical abilities to a degree where you only use the good things (trust me, that helps) and it'll make your song never OD...no matter HOW loud its turned up.
(unless your speakers suck :P)

Good song, good build, but id like to hear the entire thing, cause i can sense an amazing melody in the full version.

Good work, good job, 4/5, 8/10.


Kilkila responds:

Dude- are you on AIM or MSN? Cuz if you are we neeeeeed to get in touch- there is much I could learn from you ^_^. Thanks for the review!!! Keep listening!



This is much better than the mainstream gabber i hear all the time, man.
The 3 stepper breaks were awesome, and i didnt hear any ODing whatsoever.
(well, it was all distorted anyways :P)
The synths were nice and sick, it was nice and fast, and well, great work over all!

great work.

PS check otu some of my work, eh?

A little random...

Drums are good, and it loops good, but id suggest adding a nice, deep sappy jungle bass or something, and make it more of a melody, instead of sounding like your hitting random notes in no particular pattern.

Again, good, but not amazing.


Diluzion responds:

Thanks for the review. Ill be sure to take your tips. This is my first DnB though. Lol

a little too...unfitting

the beat and the strings worked very well together.
but the guitar didn't fit at all, really.
I would turnup the strings, and turn down the guitar, and gun shot.

good track overall though.
not amazing, but still good.


ah, i feel guilty

for not dropping a review for all the ones you gave me.
I hear some nice vocoders and whatnot...very, VERY smooth, my friend.
Its creative enough to come up with those kind of sounds :P
Harder to put them in beat.
The piano is amazing. Wow, like, that kind of amazing.
actualy, its more like FUCKIN' BAM!!!
that hardcore.
The drums are great...very, VERY slick hi hat and crash samples dude!
(your making me jealous with those samples)
The vocoding in this trk is AMAZING.

The glitches...very creative, and geat timing on them.

amazing fucking track all the way.
*me gets blown off the fuckin universe in grestness*


AdmiralConquistador responds:

Haha, dig on this poop, good sir:

No vocoders in this track. Not a one. It's all the Fruity Speech Synthesizer, writing words one by one and selecting the notes, and then kinda just putting them together quite awkwardly... Image-Line needs to really improve the way you write melodies with the speech synthesizer. I'm glad you liked the piano, and the drums which were a huge focus for me in this song. Glitches are fun:)

Off the universe! wow that's a good distance for you to get blown away haha

Thanks for the awesome review man!



jsut thought id tell you...
A remix isn't taking the already existing .FLP file, and rearraning it.
Its taking a NEW, BLANK project, and taking the melody, making your own instruments, and figuring out the melodics YOURSELF.
This, my friend, is no less tha plagurising, im sorry to say.

Oh, and the next time you try this...actually do a good job...all the basslines were in the wrong spots and cause sour notes all the time, and the timing was way off.

danglada responds:

Thanx. I'll remember all this next time. I actually don't plan to do any more "remixes".


Then the song starts :P
Nice offbeat drum breaks, and the crunchy DIST kick makes me feel so homey with this song, man.
Everything belongs, nothing doesnt.
Even though that retro synth SURE is weird, it still fits, believe it or :P
did u do that turntable work? cause if you did, i love you.
Have my babies.
I have noticed why i love your songs...
...they revolve around the drums, and the drums are amazing, whether they be distorted or not, and it seems that the melody...is made by percussion, NOT by instruments.
Amazing, LJ.
PS Did you check out my Chaoz Devotion Remix? If not you should drop me a review on it, i think i need some critism :P

thanks man!

LJCoffee responds:

Let's see now...

Nope, I did not do any of the scratching - that was all a mix of 8 or 10 samples - those bits were the only loops that were used though, the rest is all me man...

I think you've nailed it - I really like percussive bits and I personally think that in some cases, additional melodic elements aren't necessary - This track had a bassline and a few other bits but after listening s few times I decided to strip it all out - I think it's better without the rest.

About the babies... I'm not sure that's what this world needs right now - :)

I will check out your stuff ...... now!

ah, a trance artist ;)

hey man! thanks for your review on my review on Chaoz Devotion...

I used to make trance all the time, but i wanted to try DNB, its much harder faster.
I still write trance music for CDs that i sell and whatnot.

anyways, to the song.

Im hearing a very lisght amount of ODing in the basskciks when you break the beat in.
And im sorry, but im gonna have to say this...
go to a sample site, and get some free drumloops, and slice THEM.
Please dont use Drill_NB...i honestly got sick of it...ive been using FL for the past 3 and a half yearrs and it jsut drives me nuts.
Other than that, good song.
Ill sum up what i think of it, where you could improve...etc.

Could be more diverse.
And when i say diverse, i dont mean 'one solid melody'. I mean Proably 10 or 20 melodies! You should ahve about 20 patterns used up on FL jsut for the melody!
Me likes diveristy.

The drums were good, but get a better clap sample and some drum loops.

The simplicity of this song is amazing...its so simple. But i like the way you transformed synths, and made simple chord structure sound good.

Now you need to master a bit...

Turn down the master volume a couple notches above the middle.
Then turn down all your instruments until you never see the volume bar EVER turn red.
Keep it blue.
Then go to your master FX channel, and put on a 'fruity compressor'
Keep clicking in the presets of it until you find something that wont make the song clip with what it is.

then you should ahve an amazing song.

I sense so much potential in you it isnt even funny.
I jsut chose to review this song cause its your most popular one :P

In no time at all, i can see you becoming the next biggest hit on newgrounds.
All you need is practice.

Great job, man!


Kilkila responds:

Thanks Man! You flatter me. Personally I appreciate the negative feedback on the drum loopsz- masochistic I know but it definitely helps a lot more in the long run. The simplicity was intentional. I definitely need to work with the drums... Anyways, thanks so much for the review! I'll be in touch.


Dude, its been so long since ive heard from yea ;)

So good to see you again.
Thanks for the reviews you dropped me...im personally, i fan of celtic.
You may not believe, that sicne im a metal head who dreams to be a DJ :P

good piece man, and AMAZING flute playing!

kind of relaxing, but theres enough action in it to keep me happy.

great work man, and great to see that your back!

PS i also really liked the quality in this track! keep it up!

Triskele responds:

That's the beauty of celtic, though. It's part of the musical heritige of many parts of the world due to immigration, and forms the roots of most modern genres. Anyways, thanks a lot for the review, and it's fantastic to be back!!


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