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Reminds me of 'fleshlight'...I really don't like the name, it doesn't sound as good as 'RemedyX'.


This song is horribly quiet! You can master it a little louder buddy, i'm not feeling the music at ALL. :(

Even though it is an 'ambient' drum n bass track, it sounds a little bit too subtle. The reason why its called 'ambient dnb' is cause of slow and soft pads and a hard hitting drumline. I didn't hear too much of a drumline...

The reaosn behind that is that you didnt have a flow in the song. Yes, the synths are nice, but, yoiur drums, are not. Stick with one kit, man! The change in drum kits and string works and the pauses totally throw off the 'ambient' feel. This song sounds a little more random than anything, im sorry to say.

The drum line you bring in with the e-piano synth you have goin on at the end is great. Now if only you had that same feel going through the entire track, with the same synth, and everything.

Its good to be diverse, but don't completely change instruments every 8 or 16 bars. It doesnt make a structured track.

My summary of this track:
The feel is thrown off. there could ahve been a hell of a lot of more work put into the song with the breaks and the drum work, instead of using reason presets. 6/10 effort.

Original, to say the least, though. But not to my liking. 9/10 originality.

Diverse? Eh, same statement as the originality bit. 9/10

Pretty clear, but i think you should master it a little bit louder. Don't be afraid to push it.
9/10 on clarity

Overall, you get 7/10...try to make the song have a more solid base.


PS: Don't take any of this personally, I'm just being honest.

Good song overall.

The only thing i have to complain about is how unmanaged your volume levels are. Your main lead is good, but then you reinforce it with another lead, and that makes it over power the drums.
About the drums, the volume on the kick needs to be a LOT louder. Now, before you go pumping up the kick drum, just EQ it. It'll make it a lot louder like that.

Good work, I can see you improving a LOT in the future!


You better respond

Or I'll cry.

lol, anyways, to the review.

I like the beginning. But I'm kind of wondering where you could go with this song, since i think its a bit too 'subtle' for me.
The whole soft arp and kick thing, ya know.

The whole white noise you have going with the bassline is very nice, but it sounds off tune everyonce and a while with the little arp you hav ein the backround?
I dunno, it just sounds like that.

I like your drum work, but i don't really like how your drum breaks are very simply put: Drum breaks.
Theres so synth work or anything when the drums are breaking in and out and all that. Don't get me wrong, i like the kick rolls and the beat breaks. I'd just like to see it sound a little more like it has a flow to it.

Overall, i like it, it reminds me of a NES soundtrack or something :D

Good work man, keep it up!


attemptedperfection responds:

I could've sworn I had already written a long, detailed response to this... friggin' NewGrounds... anyway, thanks much for the thoughtful input and constructive criticism; I was worried that there was some synth clashing, but I'll try to fix the issue and clean it up a bit for the final version. I'll also be adding a nice, low, rythmic bass-line.

Thanks again for the review!


Lol, i thought that giving you 0s right across the board would surprise you. Or make it more interesting, one of the two.

It was a relaly good track, i liked the melody overall, but volume wise, this track needs a lot improving.
The bongos are nice, but i think that the drums you bring in should have been deep or bassy.
I didn't hear any AMEN break. :(
If you added the amen break to it, as a side or back beat, it would have made the song feel SO much energetic! I also didnt hear any hi hats in the backround... :(
It seems like you didnt put too much effort into this!
Your volume levels in the beginning are beautiful. I like the volume of the acid and all, but the drums (like i said) need to be louder, but the same goes for the melody thing you have in the backround.

Aweosme song, but you need to work on making it sound 'fuller'.

Good work!



PS: Eat the five you deserve, bitch.

I feel abused

making me write reviews :'(

lol, anyways.

Awesome drum glitches in the beginning! I'd to see a little more of that through out the song! Very unique drum patterns, you have a vibraslap going instead of a snare or clap! Awesome snare roll that kicks in, but maybe at the end of the snare roll, itd be cool with a kick roll?

You bring in a real sweet trance gate, but its way too loud, and it seems focused on my right speaker.

It clouds out the rest of the song, and its screwing with my right ear. Maybe its my speakers, i dunno.

Your drum work (after you slow down the trance gate) gets kinda repetitive. I think itd be better if you finished the beat, you know?

By that i mean, is youve got a small hi hat going and 16th hi hats. Maybe itd be good if you added shakers that hit twice everytime the open hat hits, a quiet but loose ride every beat, and make the open hi hat lower when it kicks in after you slow dow, the trance gate, and dont be afraid to throw in some offbeat breaks and all that in the song!

Good work, i can see the obvious effort you put into this track, but try to make your drums sound a little bit fuller as the song progresses, remember to have lots of breaks (synth and drum wise) and try to keep a lw or high pad in the backround to make the song seem full.

Awesome work, keep it up!


Someone sure likes acid :P

I like the beginning, very nice drum slicing, but i think that it may have sounded nicer if you added a little more of a beat to it and not slice every part of the loop?

Just a suggestion.

The loops you used are obviously FL presets, but it doesnt matter cause you screwed with them enough to make them original.

Very nice original FX you used, i find a liking to them.
Sounds like a disc is being scratched, or maggots are crawling down your back. Either way it sounds downright disturbing.

I love it.

Great work, in the full version, try adding some nice arps, basslines, or even possibly an acid melody, instead of just those voices.

Awesome, keep it up!


Distortzion responds:

Hey Zenon! =D

Thank you for the suggestion, maybe I really going to add some of those things. And the FX? Easy, just Wave Traveller al the way. ^_^

Thnx for the rev and see you around on Audiogrounds! :D

Goa trance, eh?

If you wanna hear the best goa trance in the world, listen to Infected mushrooms newest CD, called 'I'm the supervisor'.

Great music.

Anyways, i like this. Very chilled, very slow, hi ended song.
The only things i didnt like were, your open hi hat was good, but a tad bit too loud.
The soft arp you brought in sounded a little bit random, also.

Other than that, great song!


PS: I also liked that gun shot like effect. Awesome.

RemedyX responds:

Thank you! And from now on I'm putting a link to Audiogrounds in my audio comments.

Good job

Its not amazing, but its good.

I am pleased with the fact that you got all the notes right, and that you chose some nice pads to goin the backround.

But I didnt relly like the random sounding piano thing in the backround.

You kick is running at 16th notes, man. Its cause the whole song to distort.
Make the kick only go once in a beat, it'll make the song not distort and itll sound more solid.

The add some nice hi hats, and then your done.

Good work.


MarioMusicMaker3 responds:

thankyou vary much! ill take that into conccideration but i have no GOOD hi hats. that sux ea? but ill do my best to clean it up!


It was good...but your tuning really bugged me.

Your snare is so low tuned man, gave the drum solo a 'weak' feeling.

Now, about the volume. How i mic my drums so that its all cool, volume wise, is that i have my mic stand lodged right between my toms, but the mic is still like, 3 inches away from my toms.

I then have my mic tilted toward my bassdrum.
Then your bassdrum is nice and punchy, your snare is not overpowered, and you can hear the toms great, same with the cymbals.

Listen to ZENON drum solo if you wanna know how that set up sounds.

Nice solo.


FlameMesial responds:

Cheers dood.

I don't think my snare is low tuned, I just think the actual snare contraption on the bottom is missing a few metal string thingies :)

I mic'd up my toms the way you do it, pretty 3 inches away, and inbetween the toms. I don't think they were that much out of tune, they were 10" and 8" concert toms, so they're quite high-pitched.

I think, in comparison, this sounds MUCH better than my 2 minute drum solo, this is also a way to prove that in that other solo, I wasn't just hitting the bass drum and snare, like you had said to me.

But thanks for the constructive review, it's much appreciated. I listened to your drum solo before, and even though your sound is good, it's just your performance - you lacked a little compassion for a drummer that's played for 9 years :D

Thanks for the review!

Ah, tinny bells.

I like the melody on them, but i would enjoy it a bit more if the bells weent so high ended.

The big sappy pad you bring in is amazing, your hitting all the notes i thought you wouldnt :P
I personally would have just done simple harmonics, but this works too.

When you bring in the low piano arpeggio, the song starts distorting.

Now, i know you said that it sounds better on headphones, but even though, you should use compressors to make sure that it doesnt distort no matter what you listen to it on.

When you bring in the drums, i don't hear a kick!

I don't even hear a bassline!

It sounds so empty, but beautiful.
But it could be POWERFUL if you make a kick drum in there just pumpin out the bass!

So, my summary of this song:

Melody: Great work. If it wasnt so melodic and well written, i would have called it 'random sounding'. But, like i said, its well written. Good job there. But the instruments you used could ahve been a little better mastered, EQed and FXed.

Drums: FL presets... :(
Your drums sounded good, but id suggest to go on the internet and look for some free samples.
Anything is better than FL presets, man.
Trust me.
So, good durm programming.

Bass: Nice pads. But i'd like to hear a big bass blast every half beat.

Mastering: A bit of clippage, but only once or twice in the song. Just needs a little volume reduction.

Good work man. I am thoughroughly impressed.


johnfn responds:

Whoa! Thanks man, this is totally helpful!

Yeah, piano kinda screws it up sometimes... I guess it happened here too. :/

Compressors? Alright. I'll do that next song.

When you bring in the drums, i don't hear a kick!

Yeah. I was trying to keep the drums very simple to point the attention back to the melody. It was tempting to make a cool drum loop but I decided not to because I thought the song could carry itself. In retrospect, it would probably have been better not to.

But it could be POWERFUL if you make a kick drum in there just pumpin out the bass!

Yeah. I think your right. Its just that at the time I didn't want to sacrafice the icy feel, and I wasn't sure how far I could go while retaining that. Turns out, probably quite a bit further. :P

Drums: FL presets... :(
Your drums sounded good, but id suggest to go on the internet and look for some free samples.
Anything is better than FL presets, man.
Trust me.
So, good durm programming.

Yeah, you're right about that. I'll go and do that! ^^

Bass: Nice pads. But i'd like to hear a big bass blast every half beat.

Yeah. I know exactly what you mean. But I really wanted to keep the cold feel, and it was very difficult to find a good strong bass with the icy feel. So in the end I just left it icy. Next song though, I wont have any restrictions on myself. So both drums and bass will be improved upon heavily!

Also, what is clippage? I'm guessing its the thing you get where it gets a little too loud and distorted, but I'ma go look it up...

Anyways, thanks so much for the review. I owe you one.


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