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Funk :P

I like the cheese bassline in here, kinda addds a funk feel to it.

If you slowed down the tempo to like, 100 or 90, then added a funk beat, then you could ahve easily submitted this under 'funk'.

Needs a bit of work when it comes to volume (the crashes and toms are way too loud) but the melody is catchy, and thats all i need.

Good work.


dj-xtatic-addict responds:

I agree about the crashes...kinda went crazy at the end, but hopefully i will someday be able to produce trance/rave music...

I have a question -- for the life of me, I cannot figure out how to make a sound clip longer or shorter than how it is originally played...this really holds me back :(

Well, thanks for the review, (can't get enough of the Oompa Loompa song!!)

Hello good sir...

...a nice hat you have going on!

Haha, i could so see this in a french comedy movie.

Great work, very original.


Ah, violent distorted synths.

Gotta love them.
The song was good, great work on the drum diversity, but there was only one drum u used i didnt like.

It was a FL preset snare hit that you hit out of the middle of no where.
Change it, maybe?

Your use of filters is good, but...
Gets a tad bit annoying near the end.
Id like if used the filters only sometimes, then possibly switch to a solid main lead or something.

Great work, slow, and violent. 8D


PS check out my stuff sometime, eh?

DJdarkangel responds:

Hey :)
10x for the review :)

Hmm... about the snare... dont really know x.X
Maybe i accidently added it, i'll have to go back and review it, i'll have to anyway seeing as i'm going to work on a full version :)

All in all it needs MAJOR work, mostly on EQ. I just played it on my 5.1 and it sounded HORRIBLE!!

Yeah my idea is to have 2 main basses, this currantly has 1 so with 2 there wont be So much need for filters to make the song more diversile.

10x again for the review and the pointers :)

I will check them out :)

DarkAngel out...

This is so screwed up

that i dont even want to write a full review.
I'd usually write about 1 1/2 page review, but hell...
...this has nothing to comment on!

You have made my ears feel raped and molested.
I love it.
10/10, for originality.


TritoneAngel responds:

Ah, the joys of ear-molestation -- all the fun, with twice the mess. ;)

Thanks for the review, and for the high ratings -- you are a brave and lonely soul. I'm glad you're one of the one's who "gets" it.

Kickin it old skool

Always good to hear.
The beginning pads and chords weer amazing, loved it, not too much to complain about there.

My main complaint is aobut the beginning...When you bring in the main lead.
Its too...harsh!
When it all breaks in, and its all sexy n stuff, its great, and really gets the point across.
But when you first bring it in, id suggest a softer lead, maybe without it being so rough like.

Much more drama would be brought in using this technique.
I like your hat work, sounds very realistic, but id like to hear at the 8 bar break in on the melody a nice, hi ended, reverbed open hat.

Wow, would that ever bring the song together.

This is making me wish i was 14 in the 90s, and not now, so i could enjoy good music lie this back then, eh?

Great work, needs improvment and a bit of dynamics, but hell, this is a preview!


PS: Nice animal sounds. Very realistic. also, 6 for effort cause its a demo >:(

DavidOrr responds:

Wow, awsome suggestions here! I will definately change around the lead, I like the ideas you suggested. In a newer version, I already have a hat going in the 8 bar break, and it definately does sound better. Thanks again for the great ideas!

Have a tasty review.

Sprinkled with tartar sauce and maybe some cheese.

I'll put aside the horrible NG mastering, and try to focus on the song itself.

When you brought the song in, ill be honest right now, i hate that crash. You threw in a too big of a phaser/flanger.
Now, to the first arp...i like the filter, and the arp filtereing in is very, VERY solid. Like that part.
Now...when you bring in the fully filtered in arp with the drums at the start, i think you could have put more effort into it and then made the arp more diverse.
Maybe a melody teaser, instead of repeating the same thing?
The break, when you started to bring in the melody, was way WAY too long.
How to shorten that part up would be to like, make it, instead of like, a 30 or 40 bar build up, only an 8 or 16 bar build up.
Then you can spend more time making the melody more diverse!
The clav/bells you have going with the melody were great, but id like to hear them more...harmonic or melodic.

Ack, that crash is bugging me...i wouodnt mind if you used it only like, once or twice in the song, but id like to hear a more solid crash!

I can't hear the open hi hat very well, and in my opinion, the open hi hat adds the groove to the build.

Back to the build up!

When it starts, i like the little 'down' effect. But id like t hear a big ass BOOOOM.

The stutter you bring is great, so no complaints there.
I dont like, however, how you brought in the full melody in the build up.

I would do the build like:
(boom/break)->(Filter in half melody)->(Melody is still filtering, and snare roll starts)->(snare roll is done, and then its a big BOOM, and then the drums stop, and then the kick breaks in on a 4 bar break, then the melody breaks in).

That adds a lot of power to the song, it adds an anti-climactic drop, thena bring back.

When the melody hit, you brought in the ride RIGHt away. I dont like that.
Id like to see the melody play once or twice, maybe more or less, then have a drum drop, then a drum bakc in, and maybe a 4 bar drum roll, then the ride breaks in, with a BOOM.

Boom FX always send a chill down my spine, because they define when a song is rising, and then it makes it feel so much more comfortable.

Good luck in the future.


MattBlair responds:

Hey man, thanks for the always detailed review. I'll see what I can do for you about changing it :).


*cracks neck*

The bongos are nicely done, same with the bass stabs in the beginning.
I dont really like how you didnt have a drums break in though...you jsut started them, not really too much of a thriller part there.
When you drop in the full track with the melody acid line and the detuned lead synth, theres onew thing i ahve to say there:
You didnt finish the drums!
You sound so freakin empty, and thats been bugging me forever.
The acid line is pretty well done, so no complaints there.
The detuned synth is something id like to hear a little more of...
maybe in the full version you could filter out the acid lead and make a melody out of the detuned synth?
That would sound sick, man.
So yeah...jsut a little more work on the drums and this track would be a hit.

Good work.


apimusic responds:

thanks for the detailed review, -zenon-.

There we go.

The build up was great, everything was JUST the way i like.
Un Magnificient, my sir!
My main complaints are coming out...
I see your learning how to use a compressor now. Good work on that, but as i can hear, it needs quite a bit of fine tuning.
The Main synth chord thing you had going on, honestly, took away the whole feel of the song.
I was expecting the song to be evil, hard, and gritty.
That synth almost made it seem....soft.
Thge crashes in the begginning with the snare rush was good, BUT.
Too loud. The crashes were way to loud for me.
Turn up the main arp synth you have too, OR, add another synth in there all together!
I suggest a nice gtritty 303 synth to pull it all together.

So, really, you did an excellent job on this, and the only real thing that you SHOULD change is the main lead...you need it very high ended and possibly detuned ;)

Cant really go into more detail than that since i already reviewd the other version.


so liek

there was these, liek, n00bs that said liek, 'techno sucks LOL' and i was liek, 'N00B' and i like, slapped him and stuff.


About the song.

Unique begginning.
Very unique...sounds like your using my filter trick of something!
But i doubt it.

The AMEN beat was great, but like, it didnt sound like you did any slicing...

You have all these dynamic drums with that hard, sappy bassline...but theres this one part, where the glitched and cut drums dont really have a good break in.

Cause its like this: (the arrangment of the song part, i mean)

(bass/amen break)->(glitch drum break in/calm down)->(not really dynamic switch to normal bassy pad again)

You needed a big like, boom or a big crash or something, jsut to give it the power that its still alive, you know?

Great slicing work, near the end, id like to see that happen a lot more instead of the 4 bar thing you did at the end.
Bring it out to like, 8 or 16 bars of AMEN drum soloing!

That would be great.

Loved the FX, loved the bass pad, the drums were great and very diverse, but some of the breaks werent too...cut...

The ending was great, also, and i think i heard a vocoder in there somewhere.

Great work, i see obvious effort put into this.


AdmiralConquistador responds:

You know, I read your review and totally agree with the points you made. Amen drum soloing would have been sick, but I was having real trouble slicing the amen break for some reason... ReCycle is new to me. teh noobs need to suck a fat one -_-


57 seconds, eh...

lets see how good of a review i can give.

Very...weird begginning.
The rave lead you used seemed a little too random sounding.
But then it cleared up and it was all good...my only complaint is that i couldnt really hear the drums.
The basline was a little too punching, if you know what i mean.
It was a thumping sound that needed to be slowed down...maybe down to a 8th note pattern instead of a 16th note pattern.
Then maybe add some nice string pads or something to smoothen it up and make it sound perty :D

The guitar was good, but maybe it would have sounded better if ya turned down the volume, and made into a full-blown guitar solo.
Trust me, to me, writing guitar solos on FL is freakin fun, man.

Good song, and good work.


LoneEagle responds:

Thanks alot for the nice review man. Yeah well the beginning was doubled in length compared to the original, twas to introduce the hats and all lol. Yeah the bassline in pretty much all megaman songs are like this, constant short notes. And when i remake a song, i usually remake it identical except for the drums and the instruments that i change. Yeah everything was so loud that the drums were kinda left out. I'm not to comfortable with solos and stuff yet, turning the volume down on that guitar? yea maybe a bit you're right. Anyways thanks again for the review.


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