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Yo zeth!

its been a while.


i think that i have fallin in love with that drumline, man.
Its almost, like, electronic, but it has the semi-solidness of a battle.
But the softness to let the strings have their glory.

I think that you should have made this loop instead of having that ubrupt, and to be honest, crappy ending.

Im lovin this one tho, man.


XGM-Zeth responds:

Indeed it has been a while, and i was starting to miss you :P

The drumline is a combination between Orchestral, Electronic and Metal drummings, and is the most though out part in this song, the strings is more as a support making it an orchestrated piece.

Well, It was just for a school-related performance/project, and i needed an ending.

So, Thanks for reviewing! :D


Very nice chord arrangment. I could so totally guess that this is gonna be happy hardcore...buuuttt

i am having my doubts.

Good synth work, and i am expected great drums, just to make me a happy boy.
Where are the drums?

They should have came in like a LONG time ago.

...ad sum nice techno drums man. Cause you got the synths and the bouncy meldoy.



great work once again.

IamMark responds:

Yeah, I was lookin for a good drum sound to add to it, but since i used all sytrus sounds it was allready having an effect on the processor. I figure when i upgrade to a higher speed my songs will sound more complete and that should not be too much longer. I had a really nice thought for what the drums would sound like. and they would have started at the short pause where only 1 instrument was playing about 15 seconds in which would have been a rolling druma nd would have changed to a recurring drum beat to flow with the melody to about the last 20 seconds. Thanks for the review.

Hey chu.

I dont think that i reviewed any of your songs before.

first off, this song is pretty screwed up man. I could swear that your like, a schizo or something.


its good, and trippy. it would have been so much better if you like threw in a hidden beat.
Like, made it encoded and have like have 'beat boxing' with the words.

oervall, good. But i wouldnt call this music.


CaptinChu responds:

1. It's not music. I explained that. It was a project for school.
2. You're, not your. By saying your, it is stating possesion, whereas using you're is stating an acronym for you are. Sorry, I'm kind of a grammer freak! :/

It's not to any real beat, actually, so I don't know how I could get a hidden beat... The last "The Sun's" just happened to be two beats each, though. Strange how that works out, eh?


You lucky bastard, you.

I have to DL it to hear it.
Nice arp and FX in the begginning.

I like the style that you used, but i personally dont like Drill_NB.

other than that...

great work!


johnfn responds:

Thanks for the review.

The Drill_NB is pretty much the only thing I've got for drums... so meh.

Why am I so lucky? :P

And thanks.

yeah man

simple drums ;)

nice guitar man, the name ifts very well.

Give my regards to Zeth.

great Playing man!


speedmetalmessiah responds:

Yeah I just wanted a nice simple beat.Zeth comes up with kick ass names so again thanks man.Thanks for the cool review.

very clean

good quality, but it seems like there are quite a few notes that you could have touched up on.
maybe push the frets harder in some places.

good job overall.


Tancrisism responds:

Why thank you.

:O oh no

you made a new trk and i didnt even know...i almost feel guilty

time for a long ass review, boi

Percs = goldy, because right now im having trouble sleeping, its been like 2 days since ive actually had a full nights sleep...that percs make everything so..calm.
the guitar is also good, but im not too sure if its the guitar or the percs that are doing the 'clicking' sound.
its kinda buggin me now.
I think somewhere in the begginning you started to bring in an acid synth, but im not too sure.
it might have just been me gettin into the music.

the song just like, looped, and i didnt even notice it.
damned good, bro.

so my definition of this trk:
Instruments: well chosen, and very soothing. almost like a suspense song.

Percussion: very smooth as well, but the clicks kind of bother me, even tho it seems like they have a meaning to them all by themselves.
Kind of the climactic part.


I always enjoy your music LJ.
keep it up.

LJCoffee responds:

Thanks blackhaw... I mean Z3N0N :)

I know I took forever to respond to your review - I'm sorry about that - I've been pretty busy lately and I didn't even think about checking for new reviews until the other day.

I'm glad that you liked this track - This was recorded pretty much all in one shot - then dumped back out without any real editing - It started as sort of a test to see how I would far if I ever needed to perform live and after it was done I liked it and figured I'd stick it up on NG...

I'll drop a line and catch up in an email sometime...


Hi ya.

thought id stop by...y'now ,leave a good review.

make you feel all good n fuzzy inside.
The arp was, good.
not great, it seemed like it was a normal quadruplet arp. The violin playing was magnificent and the quality was great.
if only i could use drums in a trance piece like this, eh?
The drums are begginning to get pretty monotonous.
ill jsut lay it down pat.
the break ins are pretty iffy, in fact, i dont sense any break ins.
it just...gets right to the beat.
add sum break ins or fills jst to make it more smooth, or at least make more beats.
not just 2 patterns.
and the open hi hat on the snare is kinda bugging me.
wow, right about now it hit all emoish metal on me.
it got all freaky with the FX and the dist SLAYER guitar.
damn, i had to stop the song, cause i had to help my dad do somethig, so i never got to hear the end.
well, ill just ASSUME that that was near the end, so heres my summary.

Notes: Too repetitive, maybe if you slowed it down and made it into a industrial/ambient trk it would fit.Also, fool around with different patterns with your arpeggios, make it sound a little more customized.

Arrangment: neds more patterns, fills, break ins, FX, whatnot.

Drums(im big on the drums, if they dont sound good, i wont like em) and like i said, the beat was a little too monotonous.
So, just a little variety.

Mastering: Needs more work there.
When the song reaches the climax, on the monitor, it should say that that it only comes up to a little bit over half at the climax of the song (the lodest part).

so, good luck with future projects, and i hope i didnt offend ya.



if this song doesnt get diamond, im going to hurt someone.

funny shit, dude

Laiderdaiv responds:

Let's see what happens 2 years down the road, shall we? hehe.

Thanks for the review.


im gonna take some of your music and use it in a game me and afired of mine are making.

im only going to use some of it tho, like for the final boss and such.



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