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Tsk tsk

It was alright... I'd like to see more than a remade version, though.
You could have least put the effort in to make it a remix :P

Good work, overall, very dancy :D


PS: Work on your compression some more! Your so close to getting it poerfect, but i still hear imperfections when it gets cluttered.

DJ-Seri responds:

haha nah not remixes :P im too lazy

Its pretty good.

The beat is pretty good, but the only 2 complaints I have about it is that the quality is almost painfully low, and your clap is a little loud.

Good work!


DjTeChniQue responds:

I understand that .. man ive made some edits. but im not sure if i could just directly replace the song without deleting your comments and stuff!!

I still love you.

You heard me. You might see me drop the soap pretty soon on purpose if you keep making pieces like this.

I thought the beginning was a perfect intro to a glitch classical track. The whole reverse sounding sounds with the koto sounding guitar.

The melody in this song is so dissarranged and mangled... it almost sounds like theres no end to the melodies, they just keep puring out, theres so much to listen to, and I keep have multiple orgasms. Dammit LJ, your music is hurting my penor.

I think as great as this track is, I believe that i would be great if you extended another minute or so, and then have a small 4 bar break or so... and have some weird FX fade in, with maybe the violins and maybe a pad playing and then bam.

Glitch drums and synths galore. And i would be happy. And this song would be the best, and i would play to hear it for free.

Awesome work, and i'll be sure to find a few minutes of my life to get that 2 bar thingy done soon. Evne though im still a bit confused about it.

Sweet work LJ!


LJCoffee responds:

Drop the soap? I suggest you use powdered soap... it's harder to pick up...

hahahahahaha :)

When I was first putting this together I had intended on breaking into the fast paced glitch work but then at the last minute, I decided instead to just switch to a more traditionally orchestraic sound for a few bars - I thought it work out well.

As far as that few bars thing goes - no worries - send something or not, either way it's all cool - in fact, If you would, just send a bit of a song and I'll use only your work with nobody else's stuff to pollute it - I bet it'll kick ass.


I love that bass synth. You also have that little bell thing that i use in a lot of my songs! You must have snuck around the DX10 a little bit too long in order to find that sound ;)

Everyone here is saying that you should collab with me, but your saying that your a little bit too nervous n stuff.
I'll await an email anytime your ready. Its in my profile.

Now, to the song. Amazing breaks. Amazing drum work, amazing bass synth, and orgasmic synth lead! Its so dirty and infect i dont wanna touch it with a 40 foot pole for fear of catching leprosy. I love it :D

The song in itself is an amazing piece of work in itself. You will dominate the portal in no time :)

Fucking awesome work!


The-XI responds:

I was just strolling around the DX10 and i found the preset 'music box 2' and it like, sounded exactly like the one you use. I just added some FX n stuff :D I love that synth too!

Its an honor to get a review from you, man... now only if B0UNC3 and -API- and them stopped by this page. Then i would probably shit myself.

I might contact you in the future, but no where anytime soon...

thanks for the review! much appreciated!


I like the beginning, and in all reality this song is great. Great riffs, good percs, the only real thing you need to learn how to do better is the drum work!

Go on google and find yourself some awesome drum samples that are different from the FL presets, and then try reoing your drum work.

I liked how you changed the tempo between cut and normal time. But i noticed that the times that you hit the crash were offbeat? It sounds if your hitting them on the 14th note in 4/4 time. It should hit on the 1st beat.

So get yourself some better samples, make the drums a little more varied, and keep it up!

I am thoughroughly impressed.


You make me sad....


Seriously man, you've gotta watch what file you submit...
(I don't even like this remix that I did :P)

Contact Denvish or Wade and tell them that you accidentally submitted my song, so they can remove it.

Be a little more careful next time, methinks.
(if your wondering about the scoring, the reason why i didnt put all 0s is cause i cant diss my own work :P)

tF-ownedyou responds:

I should huh.... good idea Jadan :D

Its all about me?

Hell no! Man, i haven't barely seen a song that you haven't reviewed.
Man, that is commendable. You deservea goddamn reward or something. Everyone knows you, and really, to be honest, I think you blow me away at drum N bass.

Seriously this stuff is SICK! I l ove the arps, the fast paced drums, the only 2 things that would make you the best artist in the world:

A big kick ass bassline that just vibrates your chest, and a vocalist.

Then i would call you god. But for now, i'll just say that you are one talented fucker :D

Awesome work!


Viewtiful-Masta responds:

YAY! Well man you are the shit now man!

It's true though your WAY better than me! One you have reason 3.0 two your PoE ZENON REMIX Was just magnificent! Well I know it was a remix but it was the best remix i ever heard! So trust me man you are way better than me man! I didn't review alot of your stufff because you didn't review mines either but who cares you don't need retarded reviewers like me. I'm just a nobody. Your way V'er than me and thats all there is to be said man! Well dude your V'er than i am if you want to talk to me on AIM then it's V man. But if you don't oh well since you don't ave you Screen name up.

Oh well...

Keep it V man!

The world is to V for me and so are you.


You bastard.

You made this JUST so I would review it... :P

When using realistic style drums, remember to use accents all the time, and try not to use too many glitches. Most of the glitches I heard in the song were too slow, and didnt have big enough of an impact when they came out of them.

Like, a crash or a reverbed boom sound would be great.
Try to make them sound, well, realistic. If you've got a roll going with the toms and the kick, stop the high hat. Its nearly humanly impossible to do that on a real drum kit.

My main complaint with this track is the lack of diversity in it, since it was very short. And by diversity, i'm not talking about the diversity on the instruments you have right now. That is good. I'm talking about the lack of bass, lack of other percs, and really, there is no climax (even if it a short song, there should be a climax).

Other than that, I like the drum samples you used, but I despise those toms...they don't appeal to me.

Pretty good work, but I think you need to get a little bit more practice with realistic groovy sounding drums :)

-zenon- (zenonpi)

Hey man!

Usually, i write long reviews :)
So lets see what i can do.
(oh, and, try not to take any of this personally...your a really cool guy)

I liked the scratches in the beginning. I thought it was gonna lead to something very quick, so it followed its genre. DNB is usally very fast paced, but i feel as if it starts at a slow pace at about 100 or less BPM.
I like the song in general, but remember to change the notes of the bass, not just the choir.

Try to make it out a little more lively. Remeber that the first kind of Drum N Bass was jungle, which was governed by drums, bass, a small lead, and vocals. Drum n bass artists took out the lead, and the vocals, and simply had a drum, and a bass.

The drums were good, but i think it needs to be about 20 or 30 BPM faster. The bassline, i ADORE that bass synth. But i would truely love to hear its full potential. I just hear a bass bump every so often. When i should hear an entire bass riff, man!

Add pads in the backround, some glitches, awesome drum licks, and make the bassline fuller and make it follow the voice!

Good work, but like every musician, you aren't perfect. Get practicing! ;)

I can see you doing amazing works in the future :)

-zenon- or Zenonpi...whichever you prefer :P

Undergoingurge responds:

Thanks for the Review man! ill do my best to make my song at its best

I swear your on drugs.

Man, i thought that the beginning of this track was iffy...I didn't much care fro the beginning with the retro drums.
But when you brought in the glitch work, holy shit.

THATS when i got impressed. It was a very sketchy glitch, t was a little offbeat, but it brought in the feeling for the rest of the glitch you are about to bring in.

Lovin it. Your bell melody is slightly detuned, and that makes it feel ever so DIRTY, even though its a clean and smooth synth.

I think it would be sweet that at near the end of the track, you got rid of the hardcore reverbed drums, and made the drums entirely glitch work.

Then I would love you long time.

Freakin awesome work, all it needs to be is 10 minutes long so i can sleep to it...

Awesome. Just plain awesome.

100,000,000,000/10 from me.


LJCoffee responds:

And you get 72,004,563 points for being the first to review it!

It should feel a little off in places, I recorded everything very loosely and decided not to tighten up or quantize anything so it would have a sickly feel to it.

Glad you liked it - I'll work on that 10 minute version for ya!



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