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Even though I suck at it, it's actually really fun. Good work. Also, the music is kind of shitty... if you ever need help with that in the future, get a hold of me ;)



Gotta be the most intense game of pong I've ever played. I didn't have a long time to play it, but that's a good thing; I got owned bad enough. 1-8. Damn computer.

Thanks for using my music though buddy. Keep it easy;


My God.

First off, if no one knows me, they should LURK MOAR >:(

Second, I love you. Secks?


LuckyLollipopLad responds:

1 - Not only that, they should learn to read the credits!

2 - Hmmm... I think the age difference is too much.

I love you too, in a platonic way.

Shit, guy.

Sorry about not reviewing this earlier! I swear I played it as soon as it came out, but I just never got to thanking you for adding another submission to one of my songs :)

Thanks man. Keep er' easy;


PS: If you ever need some custom music for one of your movies/games, just PM me, and I'll do my best to help :)

LuckyLollipopLad responds:

Hey! No problem!

Thanks for making so many awesome tracks in the AP and I'm glad you like this (I think...).

I'll be sure to contact you if I ever start a new idea that needs high-tempo stuff!

Stay funkY!


Awesome game, thanks for using my music in this flash!



Jindo responds:

No problem :), your music suited this best imo, great job with the music :).

Thanks for the review!

Woah like.

Really fun game. I got level 10 attack, level 10 health, level 11 tech, maximum quantity, and I was making hundreds of thousands of $ ever second. Awesome game.

My initial goal was to get to level 100, but I stopped at level 70. One, was because the music was beginning to bore me, and two, was because the game was getting way too laggy. Actually, it started to lag really bad at level 40 +.

Good game though, I really enjoyed it!


I am surprised.

My music worked surpringly good in this flash! I honestly would ahve never saw it coming :)

My longest time is 32 seconds, by the way. Damn, addicting, challenging, dramatic game you have going on here.

"Not one step backwards." Best phrase ever, in my opinion.

Keep it up! You are a great animator :) And thank you for using my music.


Fun ass game!

I had a fun time swearing at this game cause I kept hitting the edges XD

Great work, and thanks for using my music! You have +1,000 respect points from me :)


A sequel in the making?

Maybe you should use my music for the next one as well... :D

I don't have a webcam, so I didn't get to enjoy the game to the fullest. But I did enjoy listening to my music whilst tearing the little fucker aprat using my... uh... MIND POWERS!!11!

I'm sure that this will be an amazing game if you decide to make a sequel :) Keep it up!

And thank you for using my music :)


AngryFaic responds:

Thanks, all your music is really good. I heard this one and I thought instantly that it was perfect for the game. Thanks again for the good review!

Thank you for using my music!

I died at the big boss though... the game started lagging and I got shot from every direction, I died so freakin' fast >:( Kinda made the game dissapointing.

Thanks again.


reojionline responds:

Hello Zenon,Well I said it before I really like your music and it fits the scene.any way about the boss battle ..I am really sorry... its lag so much i could bear to let it continue so i made changes... its fix I think with sacrifice of all sound during boss battle... any way Thanks ON the review and keep making more music dude get around 1000 songs? ^^ that be awesomely crazy!!(i`ll also checked some of your stuff off NG) ^^ Good Start DJBLACKHAWK?
and good luck dude


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