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Ended different than I thought it would.

Excellent, but I thought it was gonna end with him going "shit, my smokes were in my pocket, they're all wet now :'("

Haha, oh well. Awesome work man.

Hmm, well I think...


Joking. This was the best animation. Ever. Fuck.


Very nice.

Thanks for using my music in this flash. If you ever need a few pieces of music for the real thing, just PM me or something and I'll be glad to make something for you.

Great work.


Wow. What can I say...

...other than I'm damned proud to have my music used in this movie? Yes, my music fit just nicely and everything, but if you ever need some custom music for your next flash, just tell me the length that you'll be needing the song and I'd be more than happy to help you out.

Sweet flash-work man. Seriously.

Keep it easy!


Fucking funny!

OK, maybe it's not that funny... the ring of death is no laughing matter :( But the fact that "you" killed yourself over it just made me laugh XD The music just added to the hilarity.

Good stuff, and thanks for using my music bro :)

Keep it easy;


tacobuttfish responds:

Hey, glad you liked! And keep the good music coming, I'm lovin it like McDooshalds! Thanks for the review, and the good score!

-Nathan Gibson of Taco Buttfish Cartoons

Have I ever told you

that I love you so? :')

Thank you for using me in a good flash :D Even though I was kind of looking foreward to you using an actual battle song in an actual battle. LOL!

Got a chuckle outta me. I think that its time that this goes on my favorites. IN THE NUMBER ONE SPOT.

*oos and ahs from all directions*

Remember, if you can't find a song type that you need in the 300+ (soon to be 350+) songs that I have, don't be afraid to ask :)

Excellent work. Keep it up, fewl!


Omgee responds:

Ha, whoa, number one spot? That's pretty cool. Thanks, dude.

Glad you liked this one. It'd kind of suck if you hated the movies that I put your music in, y'know? As for future stuff, I actually do have a couple of ideas in mind, but I'll PM you about them. :)

Thanks for the great review! <3

The good old days.

I seriously am considering going back to 'blackhawk', but I dunno. Cause, in the music industry, the names Zenon and Zeenon are already taken! lol! Zenon is a trance artist and Zeenon is a Heavymetal artist. Go figure, eh?

Anywho, awesome flash. Very smooth, and clearly FBF. Lovin' that :D One question though: In that bubbleman theme song, what genre do you want? Slow RNB like, kind of like Aqua with the trance, a DnB song, what do you want?

Respond to me and tell me, and I'll submit it as soon as I get a good idea down on the floor for you :) Oh, and tleling me the length you'd want it (roughly) would be awesome as well :D

So yeah, awesome flash! Keep up the good work!


boney-man responds:


Now see...

...THAT is good quality humor!

I laughed so hard my ass fell off. Srsly.


AdmiralConquistador responds:

Dood, you need your ass on your... ass. How are you sitting? Are you sitting? These are problems, maybe even predicaments!



This is seriously professional. But I noticed that you had some problems with music? Well, I could volunteer to do some music for this flash if you want :) You should check out my audio page here on newgrounds and consider it :D

Awesome work! You have me and everyone else on enwgrounds impressed.


Teh shit.

Awesome flash. I enjoyed how smooth it was, and how my music actually fit. I was wondering how my music could fit in a flash like this :)

Thanks for the submission, and great work!


mrwesticles responds:

no, thanks for YOUR submission. seriously. it started with the song and went from there.


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