Entry #23

Tribulation and Connector

2017-09-26 18:44:49 by PERVOK

Just been my usual self, usually working myself to death randomly at work but also having tons of downtime to write new music. I've been working more and more with singers lately, and have been preparing to release an EP at the end of this year (little 5 track piece of awesomeness).

But these songs were written a while ago with a lady named Miriam Honey Baer, who has a beautiful almost gypsy like voice. I ended up writing a few melodic electro tracks for her to sing to, recorded her, and in my opinion made it sound just fantastic.

I hope you all enjoy! They're definitely worth the listen; two songs that fit together thematically.




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2017-10-21 12:13:14

Hmmm... So you're around! There's this old album that you participated on, Synthetica EP on SoundHound, but it has been annihilated from the internet! It's found nowhere, really. Even if you had a copy, you couldn't share it because of the different authors. O_O Bummer... The age of information is not the age of preservation...

PERVOK responds:

I don't even think I still have a copy of the song that i contributed to that album it was so long ago... and now that i think about it, probably at least 4 hard drives ago :(

Thanks for checking in though:D