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Why doesn't he just take out the chip that makes me feel pain

Posted by PERVOK - May 13th, 2013

I foun these songs lurking around my facebook page, and these five sonsg were available for download from my mediafire account. I don't see any practicality in that now, so I submitted them here :) They're rough around the edges (some more than others...) but sadly I don't have any of the original reason files for the songs. So as they were exported, that's how they stay. They do have some pretty nifty basslines though; just wish I could have pulled them off better at the time.

So, the songs in order are;
We Found a Sasquatch
A house track where I really tried to experiment with glitchy sounding basslines, but not glitches themselves. Like every one of these songs, the whole song slowly builds to the end of the song. I guess I always liked saving my favorite riff for the end.
Get Jiggy
This one is definitely minimal progressive house. The slightest things get added or get gradually introduced every 8-16 bars. Just a good little groove to chill to.
It Came From Bars
This is my favorite of the five, it's got a really sweet disco groove. The whole song keeps up a really steady feel through the whole track, and the violins also contribute to making this a real 'feel-good' track.
Gym Socks
Another swung house track with that bubbly low-freq bassline. I use superstrings to add a chord-structure melody, and chop them up at the end of the song. The bass drop isn't too shabby either if I do say so myself :)
Creeping Viola
Some sweet rhythms on lo-fi drums, distorted basslines and strings and violins in the background to build a melody that the bassline supports. All the sounds used in this track are way overused by dubstep producers nowadays though; but I still think the track is nifty, even if it is stereotypical and the drums sound cheap. I'm always open to opinions though :)

Even though I can't work on the tracks anymore, it's always nice to know what parts of the song(s) that you guys liked or just couldn't stand. Regardless, I hope you guys enjoy the songs!

Also, if you want to hear more of my (more updated) music, just head on over to this news post and all the links to all the websites I submit to are there. Thanks for taking a minute to give this a read through :)

May 15th, 2013
So I've been working on an idea that I've been trying to put into motion for a long time now; I did an example of it here on Newgrounds with those free Beastie Boys samples that they have floating around on their website. I took the acapella of We Got The and put a goa trance track behind the original arrangement of the acapella. I would have real liked to have found someone who can pull off good sounding rasta vocals or super thug sounding vocals. But alas, no such luck. So I've been learning how to uh... spit? And I'm white as fuck but I'm not rapping about thug shit so... you know, plus one for me.

I already have 4 goa/trance rap songs, one goa track, and a goa/dub track made. When I finish up 10 tracks, I'm going to release it on Bandcamp :) It's all super experimental. But, I did put one song on Sheezyart (because I can disable downloads there, and I also don't submit there anymore so it seemed like a good place to secretly tuck a demo away).

This goa rap track is entitled World is Melting, there's two verses. I also drop the goa vibe sometimes and throw in a bassy 808 just to add some new school hip hop flavor. At the end of the track I chop the shit out of my last verse, and I get some pretty fun glitch sounds out of it. I hope you all enjoy this odd concoction, and I hope that you'll be ready to check out the new album when it's done!


It's nice to see you back, Jadan. Oh, and I was wondering if you are interested in checking out my Darkstep song Impertinence?

Not really back so much as I'm just browsing the AF generally. And sure, I'd be glad to :)