New music, all the time, on everything

2013-05-04 14:07:31 by PERVOK

Just a little reminder post that my music doesn't really go up here unless I got a little somethin' I feel like sharing or if I'm playin' around with cool new sounds.

So I'm submitting frequently to all the websites that I have under my personal websites. (Gonna have to make a new youtube and link the accounts or something... I've searched everywhere and I can't get the url changed to Pervok instead of Zenon)
I also update my facebook frequently as well; facebook.

ALSO; you don't have to ask me to use my music in films/games if the music is here on Newgrounds. Unless it's a super deadly project and you're proud of it, send me a PM and I'll be sure to check it out :)

Have an excellent sauce boss day

New music, all the time, on everything


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2013-05-07 07:19:10

That's a lot of musical accounts to keep track of. I listened through your Pervocative EP btw, good stuff!

PERVOK responds:

Thank you sir! And it's not really, I mainly use facebook, reverbnation and bandcamp and I use the other ones just to link them up for different followers on different sites. I'm also on twitter @pervok :)

I'm glad you enjoyed the album