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Dubstep, oh what fun

Posted by PERVOK - June 1st, 2010

Recently I've been stricken with the dubstep bug, I guess you could say. The dirtier the better, and it seems with the title "dirty" you get to play with some pretty fuckin' interesting sounds.

Deathly Tranquil
Intended to be filthy, but the addition of the introduction and such really changed the pace of the entire track. A personal favorite because of 4:03 and on.

Transcendental Highway
This song was kind of a mixture of house/dubstep, entirely because of the introduction. A lot of work was put into the filter automation on the bass synth so I'm quite happy with how the rhythm sounds but as for the synth I think I could have found something a little more crunchy. Still a good song; worth a listen because of the melody at 3:07 :)

Energy Hungry
Ok, this one is simply the product of listening to really trippy tech house, haha. But of course my head is stuck in the half-time groove, so that's how this one turned out. I didn't really focus so much on the modulation of the bass in this song, but instead what kind of filters were being used. A few different synths were created just for the bass in this song, just for the different tones. If you don't like the outro... (3:00 til the end) well yeah it sounds all busy and high-ended, but it signifies the hunger for energy at the end of the song.

Spacial Mindage and Slip Into Torment
The reason why these two are mentioned together is because they kind of had the same purpose; add a lot of chill-as-fuck ambience but at the same time be durty as an asshole. In a good way, I guess. I think I achieved it, but I think you all should take a listen and see for yourself :)

So, I'm not really sure if any of you really care anymore, but I guess here's a mini-update as to what I've been up to.

I've been moving around from house to house, trying to deal with life as a young adult (looking for work, finding work, moving, repeat) and the constant search for the internet, heh. I did manage to find a few friends nice enough to let me install Reason 3.0 on their computers so I can arrange some music to retain some sanity :) The really shitty thing though, is that of course I don't have my samples on their computers. I'm trying to make due with just creativity, and it still manages to sound half decent. That's why I've been writing my pieces over either really short stints of times or over long, drawn out periods. 'Cause I only get a chance to write music whenever I'm visiting my old roomates house. Life is hard, but as always, I'll take it as it comes.

Have a gooder Newgrounds, and enjoy ze tunes!


Thats some sweet dupstep you got there bruh, good work!

Sorry but I love you Goa a whole lot more.