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Touch your penis to the link, I dare you

Posted by PERVOK - August 6th, 2008

ADD ME ON MYSPACE: www.myspace.com/psyzenon
(Yes, it's a different url now. I just forgot to make an artist account before)

If you see this and you don't know about everything that happened to me, it's best that you just don't ask and accept that I came back to Newgrounds because a girl made me LEAVE Newgrounds. So I left her. And I'm starting up a blog-ish thingy cause I erased that too :(

August 6th: I Thank You


I'm actually beaming right now, I can't believe that I wrote such a long (and actually pretty good) song in like, 3 or 4 hours. It all started with a melody, and then I found a random little foggy sounding sample. The song changes moods so much that seriously, it's ridiculous.

Also, my band played a show and it was a load of fun. It was technically our first gig too, because the other "first" one we did it was just a wedding with a bunch of old people and we didn't even get paid. Family business, bleh. So the show was deadly, and so was everything else about that night. Didn't get to do my drum solo, but I've been jipped outta those things before; these things happen. And there's for August 6th; this is going to be an eventful month so I'm gonna have updates very soon, as soon as said events happen <_<

August 24th: Appropriately Strange

Another really long Goa trance mix (8:15) and I'm really proud of this one, just as I am with I Thank You; for more reasons than just 'it's a good song'. While I Thank You was more of a very tame and calm Goa trance song that switched between moods, Appropriately Strange is more of a head-on charge of a brutal sounding Goa trance song. Also, considering some issues that are going on right now, I will no longer have the internet very soon. Does this mean that I'm leaving Newgrounds (permanently)? In no way, it just means that I'll be submitting EXTREMELY rarely, and I'll only be able to visit the forums whenever I'm able to access the internet at someone else's house.

I hope you all enjoy the last song (I know I said in the description that there'd be a few other songs that I'll be submitting, but I never got around to finishing them) that I'm going to be submitting here for a very long time. I'll try to find a way to get my music on here though.

September 1st: Atom Bomb

If you guys can actually remember the original version of Atom Bomb, either you knew me on Mixposure back before they updated the site, or you just like my music far too much in the first place. I decided to do a little bit of a rendition since I really liked how old school and badass the licks were that I wrote for the song. That's enough about the song though, click the link and enjoy.

So my brother moved away. Has to be the most depressing experience in my life but I think I'll pull through. School has started and I got myself a really crappy job, so I'll be able to keep myself occupied without my brother's existence without killing myself. Oh yeah, and there's gonna be lots of music to write and lots of WoW to play, and as soon as my brother gets the internet at his place we'll be able to game out again. I think it'll be nice, I miss having him around.

September 7th: View users with you on their Favorite Artists list! (400)

Yep. Just got to 400 fans. That is all.

September 27th: Starve Amongst Feasts

This God damned song has been the source of my mental tiredness since the beginning of September. I created the melody that came in at the 3 minute mark, and then nothing. Absolutely... nothing. I had no ideas whatsover; the melody is much more brooding that what I'm used to writing.
And of course, when you run out of your own ideas, you go back to your old inspirations. This song's introduction/break/melody/and especially the drumwork is greatly inspired by Infected Mushroom's older songs. A few that inspired a song to turn out like this particular song, are songs like "Scorpion Frog", "Gamma Goblins" and "Cities of the Future". Three excellent songs, and without them I'd probably just have another monotone Goa trance song :)

Aside from that, though, my life has been pretty good. Going to school, getting the work done, and trying to get ready for a good old Canadian winter. If we have a few huge blizzards this year, I'll probably get pretty excited. Last night though, of all things that could have happened, I got lit on fire. You read that correctly; I was on fire. I got some pretty bad lookin' burns on my right leg, but after they scab over I'll be fine :D Plus, to make all this better, my brother is visiting for this weekend, and he brought his little puppy :) She's absolutely adorable.

November 23rd: Nightmare Eater

It's been a while, so I thought that it's about time that I write another long and so-called "good" piece so that I can plaster it up here in my blog :) I think what prompted this track's style though was my excessive amount of Astral Projection that I've been listening to recently. Mahaveda? One of the best goa tracks that I've heard in a long time; really gets your head bobbin'.

Other than that, I've been keeping myself sane by starting up drawing again. I'm considering making some news posts showing off my art (I originally wanted to be a cartoon artist, but I was better at music) but I don't think I'm gonna do it; maybe I'll just host the pictures on Facebook or something.

December 20th:

I know that I usually don't update my news posts unless I have a new song worth mentioning, but that'll be very soon, don't worry. I started a new "goa" trance track a few days ago (when I had the spare time) and it turned out to be... I can't decide if the the song is evil, or if it just sounds classical :P I ended up using a harpsichord in the introduction and it's turning out pretty gnarly. I don't write music very much nowadays; I almost forget how to create cool effects with Maelstrom and whatnot. The song will either be done sometime today (if an idea hits me) or I'll try to get it submitted on Christmas.

My life's been going pretty good; Christmas is coming up, my brother will probably be coming down sometime soon, even though that it kind of sucks that I don't have too much money for myself. It shouldn't be too much though (even though I did get into a damn car accident). Yesterday was also my last day of school! My teachers were deadly, they just let me draw all over their chalkboards with weird shit and I had another teacher say that I didn't even need to go to that class today. Screw skipping, I'm allowed to not go to class :D Plus there were no classes in the afternoon, so I just had a prime ass day yesterday.

A few days ago, I moved my drum kit back home from that cold quonset that we played in for a few reasons. I broke three cymbals there (1 Sabian china, 2 Zildjian ZXTs) it was getting fucking cold (I could see my breath, and my drum sticks felt like icicles) and of course, right before I moved the kit, I ripped the bass drum skin apart. Lucky me; I'm not really sad about that though. I got it changed really fast, and I could jam out the next day :) I'm kinda pissed at my kit though; you know, CAUSE TWO OF MY CYMBALS ARE FUCKING SNAPPED GAH. I need new cymbals :'(

December 28th: Phantom Cigarette

Alright, so I didn't get it done by Christmas. But, I did get it done 3 days after, so that's not TOO bad. Haha, I didn't even really want to work on it today, but I woke up and said to myself, "Man... you're three days late on your own promise to yourself to get this song done". So I just did a few things, they sounded good, and hell... next thing I know I have a goa track that sounds a considerable amount different than anything I've ever written, AND it's 5 minutes long. Awesome.

My computer told me this morning that hardrive failure is imminent. I'm not too worried; I got the project I wanted done complete, and all I gotta do is re-install reason and find a demo version of FL so I can create some new samples. Wish me luck everyone.

Keep it easy, Newgrounds;



You left NG, remember? So shuu shuu! ;D

Voted da 5iven!

K brb, I'm leaving Newgrounds D:

Lawl, you put it on front page &gt;.&lt;

K I'm back from leaving Newgrounds again.

And I sure did put it on the front page, thus the name of this blog :D

cornandbeans =P

&quot;I like the bass in your zenon track&quot;

&quot;no response from zenon&quot;
...days later...

-----*myspace deleted*-----

*left cornandbeans hanging D:*

Whoops :X

Cool, you're back. I could have sworn I saw a leaving blog by you.

Ah well, welcome back. :)

...aaaaaand that blog is deleted so I look a little less like a fool <_<

Never let your real-life affect your virtual life and vice versa!! x)
The track is very well and got the deserved front page.

i thank you is one of the best songs i have ever feard
just thought you should now that

Your song is definetly the greatest! I don't really know you since I'm new but you rock, man!

Haha, welcome to Newgrounds then. :D

They tried to make me go to Rehab, but I said NO NO NO!

Orgay plox?

Hahaha I haven't laughed that hard in a while dude :D


Hey, you're still alive? :P Nice audio as usual, if you don't remember me, it's alright. I've been interested with your audio since you had your old username if you still remembered it.

Take care.

Wut iz dis some krazee shiiiiiiiit

Nice &lt;3

I'm fucking 13 days late for it too. And I don't have a penis, I'm a girl. D:&lt; Also, suggest me good Goa Trance Artists/songs?

Astral Projection, Infected Mushroom, Man With No Name, and I also love listening to the goa trance radio station on www.di.fm :) All these people are worth your time, trust me.

*Cracks whip* You better still be here when I'm back with a beer, boy!

But seriously.... Bloody love ya man. Don't do any Houdini acts like ParagonX9 on us. I mean, we'll wait the bloody year for the songs, just leave us less than threes and shit in the meantime =3

With buttsekz,

<3 :3 :D

do you think u can give me some tips on how to make music or check out some of my music&quot;????

These three songs are recent additions to the growing collection of NGAP songs I take on long road trips. Most awesome.

My brother moved out of home a couple of years ago, I haven't really seen much of him since, but I talk to him a fair bit and show him my music and stuff, and it's all good. You'll get used to it, but I mean, yeah, it's different not having him around on a daily basis, but it's a part of life. I imagine that you wouldn't want to live at home for too long? I know I don't (I'll be moving out in a few months time, should be... interesting, to say the least).
Just remember: &quot;That which does not kill me, only makes me stronger&quot;. It's all for the best, I say.

there is some songs where im pretty sure but do you have any of your tracks where you used samples from nine inch nails?

Really hate the --_-- thing you make in all your songs :S If its just so people remember you for something. Or if you think its coller, wouldn't change anything if they were or in it, or not.

No idea what you mean.

Do you ever listen to any Talamasca? Because your music sounds very similar. If you havent, youtube Get it all by Talamasca! Peace!

I've heard the name, but never heard the music.

Dude, I wanna haev kids w/ you someday.

Super cool

Take a Rick-Roll, and call it a day.



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