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Saskatchewan, Canada

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Comments (30)

You left NG, remember? So shuu shuu! ;D

Voted da 5iven!

K brb, I'm leaving Newgrounds D:

Lawl, you put it on front page >.<

K I'm back from leaving Newgrounds again.

And I sure did put it on the front page, thus the name of this blog :D

So a girl thought ng was shit?
Wow, so do i.

three comments because everyone wishes you were gone :(

Yeah, I realize that now :(

cornandbeans =P

"I like the bass in your zenon track"

"no response from zenon"
...days later...

-----*myspace deleted*-----

*left cornandbeans hanging D:*

Whoops :X

Cool, you're back. I could have sworn I saw a leaving blog by you.

Ah well, welcome back. :)

...aaaaaand that blog is deleted so I look a little less like a fool <_<

Never let your real-life affect your virtual life and vice versa!! x)
The track is very well and got the deserved front page.

i thank you is one of the best songs i have ever feard
just thought you should now that

Your song is definetly the greatest! I don't really know you since I'm new but you rock, man!

Haha, welcome to Newgrounds then. :D

They tried to make me go to Rehab, but I said NO NO NO!

Orgay plox?

Hahaha I haven't laughed that hard in a while dude :D


Hey, you're still alive? :P Nice audio as usual, if you don't remember me, it's alright. I've been interested with your audio since you had your old username if you still remembered it.

Take care.

Wut iz dis some krazee shiiiiiiiit

Nice &lt;3

I'm fucking 13 days late for it too. And I don't have a penis, I'm a girl. D:&lt; Also, suggest me good Goa Trance Artists/songs?

Astral Projection, Infected Mushroom, Man With No Name, and I also love listening to the goa trance radio station on www.di.fm :) All these people are worth your time, trust me.

*Cracks whip* You better still be here when I'm back with a beer, boy!

But seriously.... Bloody love ya man. Don't do any Houdini acts like ParagonX9 on us. I mean, we'll wait the bloody year for the songs, just leave us less than threes and shit in the meantime =3

With buttsekz,

<3 :3 :D

do you think u can give me some tips on how to make music or check out some of my music&quot;????

These three songs are recent additions to the growing collection of NGAP songs I take on long road trips. Most awesome.

My brother moved out of home a couple of years ago, I haven't really seen much of him since, but I talk to him a fair bit and show him my music and stuff, and it's all good. You'll get used to it, but I mean, yeah, it's different not having him around on a daily basis, but it's a part of life. I imagine that you wouldn't want to live at home for too long? I know I don't (I'll be moving out in a few months time, should be... interesting, to say the least).
Just remember: &quot;That which does not kill me, only makes me stronger&quot;. It's all for the best, I say.

there is some songs where im pretty sure but do you have any of your tracks where you used samples from nine inch nails?

Really hate the --_-- thing you make in all your songs :S If its just so people remember you for something. Or if you think its coller, wouldn't change anything if they were or in it, or not.

No idea what you mean.

Do you ever listen to any Talamasca? Because your music sounds very similar. If you havent, youtube Get it all by Talamasca! Peace!

I've heard the name, but never heard the music.

Dude, I wanna haev kids w/ you someday.

Super cool

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